Diet Zhanna Friske

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the Famous singer and actress Zhanna Friske in sustaining the ideal body shape in solidarity with the infamous Ksenia Sobchak. Both beauties do not accept strict diets and emphasis on well-scheduled exercise. Do diet Zhanna Friske — just a myth?


Jeanne in her youth was fond of dancing, but the active classes has contributed to an increase in muscle mass — this point is not very satisfied. Today this beautiful woman prefers classes under the guidance of a personal trainer is a personalized exercise program. Three times a week, Jeanne visits the gym and does quite exhausting, but highly effective exercises at the gym. Sports program of the singer includes a swimming pool and aerobics – this allows you to tone all muscle groups. And the key to a good figure of Jeanne is an active lifestyle and a positive attitude.

Food rules

According to the singer, now it is completely abandoned from any diet and fasting days — Jeanne came to the conclusion that such methods bring only temporary result. Instead, our heroine restricts the use of flour products and refuses harder to digest and nutritious dishes. In addition, the rule of life of this beautiful woman became a separate power supply.

long enough, the singer observes the four Orthodox fasting and adheres to the lean days (they have on Wednesday and Friday).

Jeanne does not neglect the opportunity to treat themselves to delicious (no exception even pastries). In her opinion, severe restrictions can lead to serious nervous breakdowns.

the Singer loves Japanese cuisine, many dishes which have not only low calorie, but also allow the body to get maximum nutrients.

The main recommendations of the diet

• do Not combine protein and carbohydrate food, it triggers the appearance of extra pounds
• Dinner must be finished before 19.00
• Meat can be consumed not more than 3 times a week
• Sweet dishes to indulge yourself just once a week
• Any drinks is better to prefer green tea
• Daily cleansing of the body, you must drink a sufficient amount of table mineral water without gas (1.5-2l)

Apparently, the separation of power is the very diet Zhanna Friske, which is so much talking about. What we can only follow the example of this successful and beautiful women.