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Diet "5 happy melted cheese"


Information about diet

it is Worth noting that processed cheese have quite high calorie (300 kcal/100 g cheese) and quite a lot of fat. This product contains cholesterol and saturated fatty acids to call it useful is quite difficult. Menu diet it can be administered in minimal quantities and must be supplemented with low-calorie products.

cheese for a long period of time, supports the effect of satiety – this diet is very popular. Attracts and the fact that the diet is based on available products, is not so much time (5 days) and allows you to lose weight (2-4 kg). The products included in the diet contain vitamins, fiber, digestible proteins, fats, carbohydrates (i.e., the observed optimal balance of nutrients). Impresses one more thing – during the diet there is no need in cooking (the best that you should tune is the preparation of salad). Uplifting and the opportunity to pamper yourself with a dry wine – this is reflected even in the name of diets. Wine not only relaxes, but also contributes to shaping (helps speed up metabolism).

Diet diet

In diet menu includes the following products:

the diet excludes salt and sugar (if you feel weakness, can eat a little honey).

Menu options

you need to Eat every 2 hours. The last meal at 16.00-17.00. The wine should drink shortly before bedtime.

Option # 1

Option # 2


According to the reviews, diet 5 happy processed cheese does not cause much difficulty – a feeling of hunger can not be called painful. Weight loss individual – someone loses weight quickly, and someone does not see any results.