How to lose weight for the new year?

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General guidelines

do Not dramatically lose weight from rapid loss of adipose tissue still has not been won. The downside of this way of "improvement" figures is sagging skin. Thus, diet that advises you to get rid of 10 kg weight loss in just 10 days, it should be ignored.

the Body should be given time to adapt to a more modest diet, so work should begin well in advance. Steady and slow weight loss leads to a stable result – the body will not make up the loss of fat at the first opportunity, and the body will retain elasticity.

to succeed with the help of daily exercises – exercises should not be difficult, but he is obliged to give the load on all muscle groups

do Not forget the recommendations of nutritionists on diet, fractional (5-6 meals a day). In addition, it is necessary to absorb food slowly and with pleasure – chew your food thoroughly allows you to feel full on less amount of food.

every day should drink about 2 liters of water, and the amount of salt should be kept to a minimum. This will prevent swelling and will help cleanse the body.

Meals you need to cook without sautéing. It is advisable to eat foods that require minimal heat treatment, they retain the antioxidants that support the skin's elasticity.

Diet for the New year

If the time before the holiday, there are fewer, and the figure is still poor, we recommend you stick to the following diet.

This diet will help you to get rid of 2-3 kilos in just a week.

the Menu is:
• Breakfast: a slice of diet bread with cheese and a Cup of tea (coffee) with a piece of lump sugar
• Second Breakfast: any fruit (except bananas) – 1-2 pieces, water or green tea without sugar
• Dinner: portion of vegetable soup with a slice of bread, boiled lean meat (120-150 g), raw vegetables (tomato, cucumber, salad), savory tea
• Afternoon tea: low-fat cottage cheese (50 g), a decoction of rose hips (1 Cup)
• Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, salad of shredded carrots with any vegetable oil (1 tsp), a piece of diet bread
• Before bedtime: a glass of low-fat yogurt

Results diet

as discussed in our article guidelines, you will not only lose weight 2-3 kilograms, but keep blooming appearance – the New year will be a success!