American diet

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Americans are a nation of fat people, so is it any wonder that the American diet has a lot of options? Some of them we have today and will introduce.

American diet for 21 days

This diet is designed for 21 days. It helps to lose about 8-10 kg. Assumes the alternation of protein and carbohydrate rations. The preparatory phase provides for unloading.

• Preparatory phase (2 days): 1 liter of milk or tomato juice and a couple of toasted rye bread

Protein diet (days No. 3-4; No. 7-8, etc.)

• Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee with 1 tsp sugar, slice of black bread and a small amount of natural honey
• Lunch: 200 ml fish or meat broth, slice of boiled meat or fish fillets, toast of black bread and boiled eggs – 2 PCs.
• afternoon Snack: 200 ml of warm milk and a small amount of honey
• Dinner: 50 g low-fat cheese, 200 ml yogurt and toast of black bread

Carbohydrate diet (days No. 5-6; No. 9-10, etc.)

• Breakfast: a couple of apples fresh
• Lunch: soup of vegetables, boiled meat – 100 g vegetable salad, 200 g and toast of black bread
• Dinner: 400 g of fresh sour-sweet fruit
• Dinner: vegetable salad, 200 g, toast of black bread and a small amount of honey

American diet for 13 days

This diet is to stick to about 2 weeks. The following is a list of products – they should make the menu. Daily caloric intake should not exceed 1000 kcal, after the diet is recommended to increase this figure to 700 kcal and comply with this diet for another week.

so, the daily menu may include:
• Fresh or boiled non-starchy vegetables — 400 g (contraindicated potatoes, beans and peas)
• Sweet-and-sadka fruits – 300 g (contraindicated bananas, figs, dates and grapes)
• Boiled fillet of lean meat or lean fish – 100-200g
• soft-boiled Egg – 1 PC.
• Bread flour – 50 g
• low-fat dairy drinks — 250 ml
• Crude vegetable oil or low-fat sour cream — 1 tbsp

Diet American stars

it is believed that this technique of weight loss is actively used American actors and stars of the podium.

• Breakfast (all day): coffee with a teaspoon of sugar (can be added to drink low-fat milk) and toast, boiled egg and an Apple

• Lunch: 60 g of granular cheese mixed with raw egg yolk and a thin slice of bread, a few radishes and low-fat milk (optionally, you can eat the Apple)
• Dinner: scrambled eggs 1-2 eggs, green vegetables (cucumbers, bell pepper, onions, etc.), tomatoes and an Apple

• Lunch: 100 g boiled chicken, 150 g cabbage salad, unsweetened tea and toast
• Dinner: 60 g of granular cottage cheese with greens, a few radishes, thin slice of black bread, 100 ml of skim milk and an Apple

• Lunch: 100 g vegetable salad, 25 g of dried black bread, soft-boiled egg, 40 g of lean ham and 175 ml of yogurt
• Dinner: a hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, toast, Apple and 175 ml natural yoghurt

• Lunch: 90 g of boiled fish fillet, 150 g of lettuce, toast of black bread, and coffee or tea
• Dinner: 120 g boiled meat with grated horseradish, and green leaf lettuce, a Cup of skim milk and an Apple

• Dinner: 120 g boiled fish fillets, 100 g celery with lemon juice and tea or coffee
• Dinner: salad with 90 g of boiled meat and one boiled egg yolk and a Cup of skim milk and an Apple

• Lunch: 150 g chicken, boiled, 100 g of brown rice, lettuce, half a Cup of skim milk and an Apple
• Dinner: a hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, toast, Apple and 175 ml natural yoghurt

• Lunch: 200 g of spinach, 100 g of calf liver, 100 g of potatoes and a Cup of coffee
• Dinner: 100 grams of salad from cabbage, tomatoes and carrots, toast, egg, Apple and 50 g of lean ham


Remember: each of the proposed methods may have individual contraindications. Proceed to American diet for weight loss after consulting a doctor.