Diet Victoria Boni

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Daily diet Victoria Boni

Victoria prefer to eat rationally. It excludes from the diet of foods rich in harmful cholesterol (primarily fatty foods). The girl prefers foods of plant origin, almost do not eat meat (prefer chicken). The heroine of this article ensures that the body does not feel the need for liquids every day she drinks at least 1.5 litres of still water, green tea, natural juices.

in Addition to following this simple diet, Victoria pays attention to other methods of staying in good shape. Every day she goes in for sports and regularly visit a massage parlour. By the way, you do not need a clock to pace yourself in the gym – you can just allocate for morning exercises 15-20 minutes. As for the massage, then execute it perfectly acceptable and home – techniques of self-massage can be explored by viewing the video tutorials.

Diet Victoria Boni for weight loss

If Vika gives himself to relax and gain even more weight, she resorted to protein-carbohydrate diet. This technique takes a minimum of time – 3 days, weight loss is 2-3 kg. the Presenter believes that this diet not only helps to lose weight, but also cleanse the body. Diet menu includes 2 products – boiled eggs – 3 PCs and grapefruits – 3 pieces. Boil eggs, clean, cut in half and remove yolks (can use it in salads for the household). Throughout the day alternate with intervals of 1 hour and a half of protein and half a grapefruit. Water and green tea and drink without restrictions.

the Secret of the effectiveness of the diet is not only low calorie. The process of weight loss is based on fat-burning properties of foods. Protein requires for its absorption a certain share of energy. Since proteins are the building material for the cells of the body, weight loss occurs by burning fat, not due to the destruction of muscle tissue. Grapefruit is also known for its ability to burn fat. Also, the citrus improves the bowels, and accelerates emptying. This happens due to the high concentration of dietary fiber.

Disadvantages diet

it is Important to remember that the diet proposed by Victoria Bonneuil does not fit all. It is contraindicated in gastric ulcer, hyperacidity of gastric juice, nephritis, gastritis, colitis, hepatitis, enteritis and cholecystitis. Daily consumption of eggs is not suitable for people who have problems with kidneys. It is important to know that the increase in the duration of the diet reinforces the negative effects on the body.


Diet Victoria Boni – a foolish experiment on their own body. During its passage symptoms such as dizziness and weakness. Soon after the diet, the weight often returns to previous level.