Diets for Teens 13-16 years old

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Key recommendations

• Diet for Teens must be approved by a doctor – quite possibly excess weight contributes to any disease.
• to lose Weight a teenager should be under adult supervision – otherwise there is the possibility of anorexia (partial or complete refusal of food on a psychological level)
• In adolescence it is better to avoid the complete rejection of animal proteins (emerging hormonal system may undergo dramatic changes)
• prerequisite of this diet is the availability of food, calcium – this element plays a huge role in the prevention of scoliosis and osteoporosis, as well as in bone formation
• Teenagers, you cannot lose weight rapidly is sure to lead to serious health problems
• If the child is healthy, then a diet is to Supplement physical activity (for example, experts recommend the use of the pool – exercising in water involves all muscle groups)
• while on a diet, a teenager must take the doctor recommended multivitamin complex
• Adolescents in any case do not ignore Breakfast
• Salads included in menu diet, it is better to season with olive oil

Diet menu for teenagers


1. 150 grams low-fat cottage cheese with natural honey, boiled egg, tea
2. Buckwheat porridge with beef, tea or milk
3. Boiled lean meat, 2 toast, 2 tomatoes, tea.


1. Baked lean fish, salad from fresh cabbage and carrots, tea
2. Vegetable soup, baked potatoes, boiled egg, salad from fresh cabbage, milk (tea)
3. Vegetable soup with green peas,150 grams of chicken breast, tea.

Afternoon tea

1. Tomato juice, toast with cheese
2. Kefir (yogurt) with sweet crackers
3. Cake and fruit (except grapes and bananas)


1. Baked lean fish, vegetable salad with herbs, tea
2. 50 grams cheese, baked potato (1 piece), natural yoghurt
3. Boiled chicken fillet, green tea

the Diet for teenagers 13-16 years should be applied with great caution, so as not to put their own health on the altar of the coveted perfect form. Be healthy!