Diet for liver

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General information on diet

it is Worth remembering that diet for liver for a week will not solve the problem – the restore function is so important body takes much more time. The main purpose of clinical nutrition is a chemical sparing of the liver. A mandatory condition is considered a complete diet. Proper nutrition allows you to restore organ function: stimulates biliary excretion, prevents the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder and bile duct, normalize bowel function, stabilizes cholesterol and fat metabolism.

protein (90-100 g) and carbohydrates (400-450 g) is physiologically justified level, is reduced only a fraction of fats (80-90 g). Diet supplemented with multivitamin preparations and foods rich in fiber and pectin. Rate of salt should not exceed 10 g/day. The optimal amount of fluid – 1.5-2 liters Instead of sugar you can use xylitol or sorbitol (25-40 g/day). Meals are served in boiled and baked form. Fish and meat can be baked, but only after pre-boiling. Wipe is recommended only vegetables rich in crude fiber and sinewy meat. To eat is 5 times a day.

Diet diet

• Recommended: bread baking yesterday, nesdobnoe pastries
• prohibited: baked goods

• it is Recommended: lean meats, low-fat ham, diet sausages
• prohibited: fatty meats, goose, fowl, duck, brains, kidneys, liver, canned meats

the Fish
• Recommended: low-fat types of fish
• banned: fatty fish, salted and smoked fish, preserves, caviar

• Recommended: steam protein omelet 1 yolk (the ingredients)
• taboo: hard boiled and fried eggs

• Recommended: yogurt, sour milk, sour cream, sour cheese, mild cheese
• banned: sour cream and cheese

• Recommended: butter, vegetable oil
• banned: overcooked, cooking and refractory fats, ghee, lard, margarine

• Recommended: cereals, vermicelli, noodles
• banned: legumes

• Recommended: raw, boiled and steamed vegetables
• banned: radish, radish, sorrel, mushrooms, turnips, spinach, garlic, marinated vegetables

• Recommended: soups (dairy or vegetable broth), fruit soups, vegetarian soup
• banned: soups fish and meat soup, green soup, first courses with mushroom broth, hash

• Recommended: Mature and non-acidic fruits and berries, as well as compotes, jellies, kissels and mousses of them
• banned: sour types of fruit

• Recommended: sour cream, milk, vegetable and fruit-berry sauce
• banned: fatty and spicy sauces, and sauces for a rich broth, mushroom broth and spicy seasonings.

• Recommended: coffee with milk tea with lemon, natural non-acidic juices, broth hips
• banned: cocoa, coffee, soda, and cold drinks, alcohol

Sample menu

Option # 1

• the First Breakfast: boiled noodles with meat, tea with milk
• Second Breakfast: milk and sour curd
• Lunch: potato soup, cabbage rolls with minced boiled meat and rice, fruit jelly
• Dinner: baked or fresh Apple
• Dinner: milk rice porridge, a bit of mild cheese, and sparkling mineral water
• Before sleep: yogurt

Option # 2

• the First Breakfast: boiled fish, oatmeal porridge, tea with milk
• lunch: cabbage casserole, tea
• Lunch: milk soup with vermicelli, boiled meat, braised carrots and stewed fruit
• Snack: biscuits and tea with a slice of lemon
• Dinner: krupenik and mineral water
• Before sleep: yogurt

Option # 3

• the First Breakfast: carrot-Apple salad with sour cream, steam meat cutlets with milk gravy, tea
• Second Breakfast: baked Apple
• Lunch: potato soup, steam fish, stewed cabbage, fruit
• Snack: biscuits and a decoction of rose hips
• Dinner: cheese, sour cream, steam protein omelet, mineral water without gas
• Before sleep: yogurt


Diet for liver should take into account the human health – this is evidenced by the reviews. In acute diseases, the doctor will prescribe a stricter eating plan.