Diet Garda

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This method of weight loss makes it easy to lose weight. Diet Garda – what advice it gives, what period of time is?

The essence of the diet and its effectiveness

7 days diet you can lose weight by 2-5 kg. the Duration of this methodology are arbitrary (you can stick to your diet to achieve the desired result). The basis of this technique lies in the combination of days "fed" and "hungry" diet. The technique attracts the lack of a fixed menu (you can make it yourself, focusing on your own food preferences). Diet not only helps to lose weight, but also cleanses the body, improves the digestive tract, helps to purify the skin from rashes.

Advice on nutrition

throughout the week, recommended three times to arrange unloading. Contraindicated to arrange fasting days each after the other – between them must be an interval in 1-2 days. This diet allows you to maintain the metabolism, not "slipping" in the saving mode, when the fat burning process is inhibited.

Menu of the unloading consists of a yogurt (1 liter) and fiber (4 tbsp). Fiber should be divided into 4 portions and eat, drinking plenty of water. Kefir if desired, it is permissible to replace the juicy fruit (4 pieces per day). Fasting days pass without a strong sense of hunger, because the fiber swells in the stomach and suppresses appetite. A liquid diet consists of not only water but also green tea.

a full days include good nutrition. Excluded only overtly harmful products and fried foods. It is necessary to control the size of portions – throughout the day you should eat about 1 liter of food. To Supplement the diet should be the same amount of raw vegetables. Means 4 meals. To Preface the meal needs a salad (about 1 tbsp.), you can then proceed to the main course (also about 1 tbsp.). If you plan to stick to a diet for a long time, may strongly limit the range of products, but remember that the most nutritious meals you need to eat in the morning, a calorie – second. If you are using diet for quick weight loss, you will have to adhere to certain rules. For the period of the diet excludes the consumption of salt, animal fats, sugars, fatty sauces. As a dressing use nonfat yogurt (you can mix it with garlic and herbs). Spices are permissible, but they must be used moderately so as not appetite. Liquid diet: mineral water, teas, natural juices, fruit and vegetable broths. Vegetable oil (1 tablespoon) is used for salads and in cooking. Sweet foods should be replaced with fresh fruits and dried fruits. It is also permissible to eat a little honey, sheet marmalade and marshmallow. Any alcoholic beverages are excluded, allowed to drink only wine.


the Reviews talking about the high efficiency of this method – diet Garda steadily carries weight.