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The diet of astronauts


the Diet of astronauts is one of the most hard, long, but effective diets. To adhere to this method of weight loss can only be one who has truly a "cosmic" health.

Specific recommendations

• to support the body during the diet should eat vitamin-mineral complex (meager diet does not contain useful minerals and vitamins needed for normal functioning adult)
• If there are problems with the digestive system or bowel, then this technique of weight loss have to give
• All 20 days is to drink a lot of water – this will cleanse the body and dull the sense of hunger
• stick to this diet it is possible not more often 1 times per year

The principle of operation

the Diet of astronauts eliminates the use of fiber — offered food is digested quickly and absorbed completely, while providing the body with only a minimum of calories. Protein diet requires additional energy from the body that promotes rapid weight loss.

Advice on nutrition and menu

This diet lasts 20 days. All the time dedicated to it, you can not use salt, sugar and any seasoning.

• Breakfast – a Cup of yogurt or a Cup of coffee and one egg (you can fry on a dry pan or boiled)
• Dinner – boiled chicken (a maximum – half), broth (half a liter), a Cup of yogurt or a Cup of coffee
• Afternoon tea — a glass of buttermilk or a Cup of coffee
• Dinner – menu of afternoon tea, you can add 200 grams low fat cottage cheese (provided that the feeling of hunger becomes unbearable)

Out of the diet

At the end of the diet of astronauts need to take care of proper nutrition – caloric intake should be increased gradually, avoiding fatty and fried foods. You also need to carefully monitor the use of rude foods rich in fiber – the body for 20 days just unaccustomed to it.

Results diet

Judging by the reviews, after the diet of astronauts can lose 20 kg, but due to the rapid loss of weight the skin droops a few (to bring the muscles in tone while you are losing weight do not succeed — physical exercise is completely contraindicated during such a defective diet).

Is it any way to rapidly lose weight – decide. In any case, we wish you good luck in achieving your goals!