How thin Alla Pugacheva?

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Alla 64 continues to keep up — although she retired from active concert work, but is still universally recognized Queen of our stage. A large part of his life, Donna has been devoted to the struggle for the perfect figure. How thin Alla Pugacheva? This question arises every time, when the star has lost weight. We will share with you the most effective diets.

Cucumber diet

One of the favorite diet Diva is based on the consumption of cucumber salad. For the preparation of the daily value of this dish requires 1 kg of cucumbers, 30 g of low-fat mayonnaise (or the same amount of sour cream), as well as any greens (the more the better – greens cleans the intestines like a broom as it goes through the digestive tract, not assimilating by the organism). You can use any variety of herbs: parsley, dill, celery, cilantro, tarragon, Basil. Pickle salad is impossible. The daily portion of food should be divided into 3 parts and eat during the period:
• 12.00-14.00
• from 16.00 to 17.00
• from 19.00 to 20.00

Each meal can be complemented with a slice of black bread. Morning should start with a Cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea. Before sleeping it is permissible to eat the Apple or orange. The maximum duration of the diet: 7-10 days. The average loss of weight: 3-5 kg per week.

Herbal diet for weight loss

Another famous diet Alla Pugacheva is based on kefir-herbal cocktail. For its preparation requires 1.5 liters of kefir 1% fat finely chopped herbs (parsley, cilantro, dill, etc.) and grated cucumbers. Each portion of the drink should be prepared immediately before use – store cocktail party is impossible.

the Duration of herbal diet 3-4 days. Each day takes 1-1.5 kg Drink based on yogurt has a high nutritional value, but does not overload the body with calories. In addition to cocktail should be drinking sparkling water.

How thin Alla Pugacheva with activated charcoal?

Coal diet today is active interest – this method is credited with Alla Borisovna, although its authorship can be seriously questioned. Following the recommendations of diet, you need to take 3 tablets of activated charcoal, one hour before Breakfast, lunch and dinner. An additional incentive weight loss gives you the "25 fps" — program subliminal.

Vitamin or Wellness diet

Vitamin diet is based on a number of healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, low-fat cheese). Menu may include:
• Squash
• Carrots
• cabbage
• Green beans green beans
• Onions and green onions
• Sweet peppers
• lettuce
• Pumpkin
• Boiled in their jackets potatoes (no more than three pieces a day)
• cucumber
• Green apples
• Peaches
• Vegetable oil and low-fat sour cream (for the filling)
• Kefir and yogurt minimum fat and low-fat cheese
• Rye bread (twice a week for 1-2 slices)

you can Drink water and unsweetened teas. Vegetables are allowed to cook any food (fry not, it is recommended to boil, stew, bake, cook for a couple).

the Duration of the diet 2 to 4 weeks. For a month able to lose about 15 pounds overweight. Again to resort to vitamin the diet in 3-6 months.

Sea or the Mediterranean diet

the Mediterranean diet Alla Pugacheva is based on:
— fruits and vegetables;
— seafood (it's mussels, oysters, seaweed, etc.);
— vegetable oil;
— pasta of durum wheat;
— dry wine;
juices, non-carbonated water, teas.

the Exception to be sweets, processed foods, animal fats and alcohol (not permitted to drink dry wine).

Vegetable diet

This diet is very effective – each day takes 0.5-1 kg of excess weight. Daily allowance of vegetable food should not exceed 1.5 kg, the menu can be:
• Vegetables (zucchini, potatoes, carrots, green beans, lettuce, cucumber, pumpkin)
• Fruit (in priority are the apples)
• Greens in a wide range
• Water
• Green tea without sugar

From fruits and vegetables, you can prepare salads, tucking them low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil.

On the vegetable menu (no additives) you can spend 2-3 days. If you wish to extend the diet, the diet should expand at the expense of additional components. They may be:
• low-fat dairy products – 200 ml per day
• Corn and oats cereal
• Rye or grain bread – 2 slices per day

As thinner Alla Pugacheva? In every period of life Diva the success it brought one of the above diets. Unfortunately, a stable result of the famous singer to achieve and failed – losing weight, she quickly restores the old settings.