The 2468 diet

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The main characteristics of the diet

Diet called the 2468 is based on the principle that daily changes in caloric intake. This approach does not allow the body to go into economy mode. Diet you can make your own – if you want, it is quite possible to lose weight on bread, chocolate or marshmallow. It is important not to exceed the recommended for the day calorie diet.

As the name implies, it is as follows:
Day 1: 200 calories
Day 2: 400 calories
Day 3: 600 calories
Day 4: 800 calories

In the classic version of the diet provides 3 such cycles (12 days). During this time, you can lose about 5 kg of excess weight. It is worth considering that in the first phase, you will lose weight faster than in the final "circle". After a diet (if you complete it correctly) the weight will decrease for some time.

How to get out of the diet? In order not to lose the achieved results, it is recommended to increase caloric intake slowly (by 200 kcal daily).

the Day No. 13: 1000 kcal
Day # 14: 1200 kcal
Day # 15: 1400 kcal

you should Stay on that number which will correspond to the optimal calorie content (calculate it according to a special formula).

Additional recommendations

Before you begin a diet, you should prepare the body for future deprivation. To do this, cut daily caloric intake – do it mostly by fats and simple carbohydrates. The day prior to the diet, take hunger. During the day eat nothing, drink water without gas. Can Wake up in the morning, tea in the evening, just before bedtime, drink herbal tea, laxative intestines.

Diet diet

the Amount of calories throughout the diet remains at a minimum. It is easy to understand that the priority is low-calorie foods (vegetables). If you want, you can lose weight and on your favorite Goodies, only have to do a paltry number of them (for reference, 100 g of marshmallows provides us with 304 kcal, 100 g of butter biscuits – 458 kcal). In order to avoid feelings of hunger, it is recommended to distribute the products into several small portions and to drink lots of water.

sample menu for 200 calories:
• Tomatoes – 200 g (about 46 kcal)
• Mushrooms 200 g (about 54 kcal)
• Apricots – 100 g (41 kcal)
• Cabbage – 200 g (54 kcal)

the next day you can add to your diet anything from lean protein foods (250 low – fat yogurt- 75 calories, 100 g veal – 97 kcal 100 g Pollock – 104 calories, a boiled egg is about 60 kcal, etc.). With a further increase in caloric should add in the diet of black bread, a portion of porridge (no fat milk), fruit, etc.

The dangerous diet?

Nutritionists do not support this diet and even warn us of their potential danger to health. The fact that a hard restrictions lead to the development of the deficit of nutrition elements. This provokes a number of unpleasant consequences. These include menstrual disorders, hair loss, the deterioration of the skin, degradation of muscle tissue, the eating disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract. Another negative consequence of diet is a rapid increase in body mass after its completion. The diet can not observe more than 1 time in 6 months. You should not resort to it in the presence of any health problems.


According to reviews, the 2468 diet is quite effective, but to sustain it to the end is very difficult (the most difficult to survive the days with minimal caloric intake). Many say that weight loss is accompanied by weakness, increased irritability, dizziness.