Diet from Alsu

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The story of the diet

Judging by the confessions of the singer before the birth she did not have to exert any effort to maintain a good shape. Normal metabolism and active lifestyle did not give a chance to excess weight. The diet of the singer was far from perfect. Breakfast it is often ignored, in the afternoon I allowed myself to fast food for dinner and went to a favorite restaurant (needless to say, there she is herself to death, not starved). After the birth things have changed. Because now Alsu became responsible not only for themselves but also for their favorite daughters, she had to revise the rules of supply. In addition, the figure of the singer has undergone some changes. For help she turned to a professional dietitian specialist picked the best option.

Diet for the lazy from Alsu

Diet for lazy – so Alsu called this method of weight loss. Diet doesn't make you starve or drastically change their habits. All that is needed is some correction of eating behavior. What are the rules of this diet? First, the main point of the diet is redistribution of nutrients. Going on a diet, Alsou began to diet given the fact that the proportion of fat and protein should account for 25% of the calories, and carbs 50%. Most calories should be dining meal – it accounts for 45% of their daily calories, Breakfast should "delay" at 30% and dinner – 25%.

the Diet does not contain expensive foods and complex dishes – all quite accessible and understandable. In the period of the diet Breakfast singer included porridge. Supplement it nutritionist allowed low-fat dairy products. For lunch Alsu supposed to eat protein foods (meat, fish). Dinner also consisted of a maximum of light products – vegetables and dairy products. As snacks you can use fresh, not very sweet fruits and dried fruits and nuts.

Such a diet can be calculated for a long period of time, because it brings to menu serious limitations. Weight loss individual the very same Alsou was able to lose about 13 kg.

Diet chocolate from Alsu

There is another method of weight loss, which was attributed to Alsu. Unlike the previous version, call it reasonable is impossible. Diet extreme, so the diet should be a limited amount of time (1-3 days). Alsu, according to rumors, the diet resorted to only in cases of emergency when the time for the "lazy" diet remains. What are the menu of this weight loss methods? As the name implies, I have to eat chocolate – choose bitter dark chocolate (not milk, it contains more sugar). The daily norm of chocolate – 90 g. the Treat should be divided into squares and eat 4-5 techniques that no drinking. Black unsweetened coffee, you can indulge in not earlier than 3 hours after chocolate. Liquid diet also includes green tea and water. Diet suitable for people with good health. If you have not added to this group, you may feel a sharp discomfort (weakness, dizziness, etc.). Strict contraindications to the diet are pathology of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system, pregnancy and lactation, young age.


Judging by the reviews, diet from Alsu the first option is quite reasonable and quite effective. Adding the sport, it's a good plumb line is secured. The second diet is not the best way affects health, so often resort to it is clearly not worth it.