Apple-shrimp diet Anna Semenovich

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Actress and singer Anna Semenovich is considered to be one of the most beautiful representatives of the Russian show-business. To maintain in shape, it helps Apple-shrimp diet, which Anne came up with myself (inspired by her love of shrimp and confidence in their dietary qualities). Diet Anna Semenovich allows you to use apples, shrimp and dry white wine (you can drink 1-2 glasses a day).

Briefly about the benefits of the components for diet Anna Semenovich

Shrimp is invaluable to possess nutritional qualities: they contain virtually no fat, and therefore have low energy value. In addition, shrimp saturate the body with iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins (B12 and PP). Scientists have proven — despite the fact that the shrimp meat contains high cholesterol, it does not contribute to its accumulation in the human body.

Apples is a recognized diet product. They contained fructose quickly charges the body with energy and increases the supply of brain cells with nutrients (hungry fainting with them, not threatened). In addition, apples activate the toxins, and pectin and fiber, included in their composition, promote digestion.

White dry wine has a low calorie content. Diluted with mineral water it normalizes metabolism and supports the heart muscle (the last point is very important while dieting).

Advice on nutrition and menu Apple-shrimp diet

Shrimp boil in salted water and eat as and when hungry, in any quantities. Apples also can be eaten at any time, combining with shrimp. Drink products is mineral water, tea, coffee (without sugar) and natural juices. As described above, in day diet are acceptable, 1-2 glasses of dry white wine (you can dilute it with mineral water).

The choice of ingredients for diet Anna Semenovich

Please note – shrimp can be considered fresh only in the absence of dark spots on the back (spots indicate re-freezing of the product). In addition, the tail of fresh prawn, always bent hook.

when Choosing apples, you should give preference to the fruit grown in the native lane – but they will benefit the body.

Cheap wine is better not to buy a quality wine product can not cost cheap. Well, the fake is obviously not helpful.

Diet result

3 days of this diet you can lose 2-3 kg of excess weight. Anna Semenovich, adhering to this diet, already got rid of 10 lbs.

If you like seafood, then the best diet is simply not to find. Wish you a quick result!