Diabetes diet

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Recommendations diet

Diet on sugar is extremely hard menu, so deluded and tune in to easy weight loss is not worth it. From the diet excludes any foods (even low calorie), allowed only liquid. The program duration is 1-3 days. During this period, not to actively engage in sports. Permissible load Hiking. You can drink non-carbonated mineral water, weak teas, herbal teas based on leaf of black cherry, raspberry, currant, cherry. You can drink hot teas made from rosehips. Such drinks are useful – they are rich in vitamins and minerals. The liquid cleanses the body, improves metabolic processes. Throughout the day you should drink 5-6 tbsp. of the drink, adding in each serving and 30 g of sugar. Podkashivatsya not only water — you can drink as and when thirsty (about 2 liters a day). Herbs and green tea should not be brewed with boiling water – is water whose temperature is about 90 degrees. This allows you to reveal the taste and save the maximum of useful substances. After the drink has rested, it should be filtered. Green tea can be brewed several times.

The pros and cons of the diet

Sugar is quickly digested and provides energy. The liver, pancreas, stomach, kidneys have a rest from work, restored their function. The body is cleared of toxins. The diet food, free yourself from kitchen chores. Hungry mode allows you to lose 2-3 kg.

the disadvantages include poor health during such purification – you can experience such unpleasant symptoms as dizziness, weakness, irritability, fainting. The lack of solid food most people delivers serious discomfort.

Sample menu

Morning should start with an invigorating drink green tea sweetened with sugar. This will help to awaken the body and start metabolism. An hour later, is to drink 1 tbsp. of water. Next, drink 1 tbsp. of the herbal infusion with the sugar and then 1 tbsp. of water. Alternate drinks with clean water until the evening, but remember that green tea before bed is better not to drink (he invigorates). Be sure to consider the amount of alcohol consumed sugary drinks (no more than 5 article per day).


Diet on sugar is contraindicated in diabetes, as well as the presence of any chronic disease.


Judging by the reviews, diabetes diet provides quick weight loss, but fasting is not given to everyone. Many limit the duration to one day. Also, according to the recommendations of "experienced" diet to better coincide with weekends or a holiday – the lack of physical and mental stress will make it easier to move an empty mode.