Diet after childbirth

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During pregnancy a woman gains 9-14 kg. After giving birth often leaves not all excess weight – part of it "settles" on the flanks and abdomen in the form of fat. Strict diet for weight loss after childbirth shall not be used – this is not tire of repeating doctors. What measures can be taken for the correction?

Ideal diet after giving birth

After giving birth, a woman's body needs time to recover. During this period, rebuilds hormones, regeneration of tissues – it all requires energy. Do not forget breastfeeding and the need to care for the baby – it also increases the power consumption. According to estimates, young mommy needed "weight" to the daily allowance of calories (on average 500-600 kcal) and about any cuts in calorie diet and speech can not be (but eating for two is not necessary). Enhanced diet is required for 3 months. The menu should be balanced in protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.

a Young mother is required to:
• Milk drinks and milk (at least 500 ml per day)
• cottage Cheese (about 100 g per day)
• Lean meat (up to 200 g per day)
• Vegetables (up to 800 g per day)
• Eggs (1 per day)
• butter (50 grams per day)
• Fruit (about 500 g per day)
• Bread (a bit)
• Vegetable oil (20-30 ml per day)

it is Not recommended to enter into the diet of very fatty dairy products (cream, thick cream), fatty sauces (mayonnaise, etc.), fatty meats, refractory animal fats, butter cakes, candies. Will have to give up the foods that can cause allergies in the baby (if breastfeeding is practiced). The most dangerous are citrus fruits, egg yolk, honey, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, meat broth. Not fond of sausages. It is absolutely contraindicated alcohol.

To improve the digestive tract and avoid overeating, you should eat more often (up to 7 times a day), but gradually. For example, diet Ani Lorak limits the size of the portions – the singer believes that this single portion of food should fit in the palm of your hand.

an Important measure to maintain the shape during this period is the rejection of late-night snacking and a hearty dinner. If after 19.00 you will feel hunger, drink a glass of yogurt. Throughout the day eat only healthy food – fruit, low-fat cottage cheese, etc. in Any case do not pass up Breakfast: the first meal should begin 30-40 minutes after waking up (this will establish the metabolic processes). Breakfast should contain complex carbohydrates and fiber (cereals, whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits), lean protein (low-fat cottage cheese, lean meats, etc.), a beneficial fatty acid. Mandatory condition of diet after birth is the correct drinking regime. Recommended daily drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of water.

Diet for weight loss

Diet is recommended for losing weight after childbirth can begin only after the completion of breastfeeding. During this period, you can pay attention to weight loss methods star mothers, for example, on a diet of Vera Brezhneva (mother of two prefers to keep fit, refusing foods with a high glycemic index). Diet Yana Rudkovskaya, the mother of three children, eliminate snacks and fatty foods. Remember that you need to lose weight slowly – any blitz diets provide short term results. Ideally, during the month, should drop no more than 1-2 kg – this rate is physiologically justified do not cause stress and provide a stable result.


Reviews show that a balanced diet after delivery brings a benefit – it is important not to cut calories and control the quality of the products. We should not forget about a reasonable degree of physical activity – from gym have to give up, but simple exercises readily available.