Diet for weight loss abdomen and hips

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do Not hope that there is a special diet that helps to lose weight stomach and hips. No diet has no effect on body fat selectively. Without regular and thoughtful sports loads difficult to succeed. Curvy hips, will help to adjust the massage – manual or hardware. It is also important to remember that the volume of the stomach may appear larger due to accumulations of feces – it is recommended to clean the bowel using enemas. It is very important to enrich the diet in fiber – eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, use fiber in the form of dietary supplements. The optimum rate of weight loss is 1-2 kg per week. If drop more, the weight will quickly recover to previous levels. Products you need to boil (in water, steamed), baked, stewed.

Diet diet

Diet slimming thighs and abdomen, eliminate sugar, sweets, pastries, muffins, pickles, smoked food and alcohol. It is impossible to enter into the diet foods that are high in fat – fatty meats, fish, dairy products. You need to eat up to 6 times a day but very small portions – so you will avoid overeating, but will not experience hunger.

1 time a week supposed to arrange unloading on yogurt (1 liter a day), apples or fresh vegetables (1.5 kg per day). Every day should drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid that the body had the opportunity to bring the decomposition products formed in the burning of fat. It is better to drink water before meals (to curb appetite) and an hour after her. The basis of the diet are lean protein products (this is particularly important if you plan to play sports).

protein Sources
• Lean meats (beef without fat, breast of chicken without skin)
• Fish and seafood
• Dairy and dairy products are low fat
• Legumes

in Order not to face the problem of constipation in the diet include starchy foods that contain dietary fiber:
• Vegetables (in priority green varieties)
• Fruit (do not eat very sweet varieties)
• Berries
• Dried fruit (in limited quantities)
• Cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal, unpolished rice)
• whole grain bread or branny

• Vegetable oil
• Avocados
• Nuts and seeds (in limited quantities)

the Optimal distribution of elements of a food:
• Carbohydrates — 350-400 g
• Proteins — 100-110 g
• Fats – not more than 80 g

Sample menu diet

Following the recommendations listed above, the menu can be on their own. Below is a sample daily diet.

• the First Breakfast: salad of green vegetables with greens and vegetable oil, low-fat cottage cheese and green tea
• lunch: fresh or baked apples
• Lunch: vegetarian soup (half portion), toast of black bread, boiled chicken fillet (you can substitute fish or beef), braised cabbage, decoction of dried fruit with no added sugar (you can use xylitol)
• Afternoon tea: low-fat cottage cheese – 2-3 tbsp and low-fat yogurt – 200 ml
• Dinner: vegetable ragout baked with vegetables fish or steam chicken cutlet and tea


According to the reviews, diet for weight loss abdomen and thighs helps to get rid of excess weight, but study of the problem areas still need to use special exercises.