Diet Inna Volovicheva

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General information about diet

This method of weight loss does not make you starve, so it can be used for a long period of time. Inna followed the diet for 4 months and during that time was able to lose a great excess weight. The priority of a menu item is a lean protein foods such as fish, beans, meat, cheese. According to Volovicheva, the process of losing weight does not cause discomfort, because thanks to protein-rich foods you will lose weight even during sleep (it is believed that proteins require a certain amount of energy). The key to the effectiveness of dieting is to reduce calorie intake, adherence to a salt-free regime and exercise. The important thing is mental attitude. If you find it difficult to focus on the diet, Volovicheva proposes to resort to a little trickery. She advises to calculate how much you save on food and figure out what new things you can buy for the money.

the Diet Volovicheva is based on 2 important rule: avoid any food after 18.00 and adherence to diet (to eat is at one and the same time). If the work schedule makes amendments, the ina advises not to despair and not to give up the diet by skipping dinner, you can drown out the hunger nonfat yogurt or a few slices of grapefruit. To maintain the achieved result, our heroine recommends and after a diet eating regime.

Diet diet

What you can eat during the diet and what is going to have to give up?

From the menu should exclude:
• Salt
• White bread
• Sugar
• butter
• Sweet fruits (bananas, grapes)
• Any alcoholic drinks
• Pastries
• All fried, smoked, salted, marinated
• Potatoes
• Pasta

Volovicheva advises to eat lots of fruits (not very sweet). Also in the ina diet are vegetables, vegetable juices, seafood, meat, fish. Products should be boiled, steamed or grilled. White bread Volovicheva replaced the black (be attracted to him, she did not limit the rule to a minimum). After dinner (2 hours) recommended physical activity (to increase sweating is wrapped with a film or wear special underwear).

Sample menu

• Breakfast: rice porridge with grated Apple, tea
• Lunch: steam scrambled eggs with herbs, salad from tomatoes and cucumbers, tea (coffee)
• Dinner: steam scrambled eggs and green tea

• Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit, tea
• Lunch: tomato, 250 grams of boiled meat, coffee
• Dinner: seaweed, 150 grams of meat, tea
• Before bed: 1 tbsp. grapefruit juice

• Breakfast: buckwheat, with the evening filled with yogurt
• Lunch: 200 g chicken fillet, salad of peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, tea
• Dinner: 150g chicken breast, steam broccoli, grapefruit juice.

• Breakfast: oatmeal with slices of orange, tea
• Lunch: 250 g of beef, seaweed salad and green tea
• Dinner: boiled chicken fillet, tomato
• Before bedtime: grapefruit, Apple

• Breakfast: porridge on the water, tea
• Dinner: lean fish (150 g), vegetable mix, tea
• Dinner: steam scrambled eggs, salad of tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, and coffee or tea with milk
• Before bed: 1 tbsp. grapefruit juice

• Breakfast: rice porridge, Apple, tea
• Lunch: vegetables, seafood, tea
• Dinner: 150 g chicken, stewed squash and tea with milk

• throughout the day: 1 l Morococha and water


Inna volovicheva the Diet provides enough quick weight loss (according to reviews, during the week we spend 3-4 kg). Given that the diet is supported by sports, you will be able to shape a beautiful figure.