The method "lose Weight in the dream," Dr. Detlef Dad

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is it Possible to lose weight in your sleep? According to recent research, Yes. American scientists have found that people giving out on the night sleep less than 4 hours, the risk of obesity is higher by 73% than those who rest at night, 7-9 hours. The reason is that the body tries to compensate for the lack of rest, storing energy for future use. That is why Dr. Detlef Dad offers to lose weight in your sleep.

The meaning of the method "lose weight in the dream," Dr. Detlef Dad

Dr. Detlef Dad has developed a system of separation of power, which proposes to keep "in check" insulin (the hormone produced in a mixed or carbohydrate food). It is the insulin prevents the burning of fat, which the human body must get rid of the night.

Nutrition and physical activity

Physical activity and nutrition provided by this technique has a 4-temporal phases.

the First phase lasts from 6.00 am to 8.30 am. In the morning it is necessary to allocate a half-hour physical warm – up suit running, swimming or Cycling. Then a hearty Breakfast (diet carbohydrate). First the meal includes cereals, rolls with honey or jam (up to 3) anything from fruits and vegetables (Apple, tomato, cucumber, etc.). You can't eat meat, cheese and cold cuts.

the Second phase begins at 10.30 am and ends at 14.30. At this time, the level of activity decreases to an average level should be limited to fast walking and climbing stairs to the desired floor. At lunchtime you can eat carbohydrate foods, salads and meat (fish).

the Third phase lasts from 16.30 to 20.30. Preference should be given to build muscle with weights (dumbbells or rubber band). ). Dinner should include protein and vegetables that do not contain carbohydrates – acceptable meat products, fish and salads.

the Fourth phase is the relax and lose weight in your sleep (from 22.30 to 6.00). During a night's rest, the body burns fat and builds muscle — a low level of insulin before bed and a high concentration of protein causes the body to use its own fat reserves. To sleep not less than 7 hours or else level of leptin (a protein that suppresses the appetite) decrease, and the content of greyline (the hunger hormone) will increase.

General guidelines for the method "lose weight in your sleep":

• For Breakfast should consume carbohydrates (about 75% of them will be spent during daytime wakefulness).
• Lunch must combine proteins and carbohydrates, saturating the body with all necessary.
• For dinner, you must eat protein foods, the cavity indulging in carbs.
• do Not eat just before bedtime – dinner should be completed before 20.00.
• Break between meals should be 4-5 hours, and snacks should be eliminated altogether.
• during the day you can eat 750 grams of vegetables, dividing them into three meals.
• Yogurt and fruit is consumed only for Breakfast and lunch.
• Coffee on an empty stomach can not drink in any case.
• Herbal teas and water can be drunk in any quantities.

the Main rule of this technique – not to get a combination of protein and carbohydrates (this is valid only at lunch) – this combination of ingredients triggers the production of insulin, the remains of which transform into the notorious body fat.

power System Dr. Detlef restriction involves proper diet and moderate physical activity. It leads to a gradual loss of extra pounds (in 5 months you can say goodbye to 11.5 kg), which not only harm the body, but also brings tangible benefits. Good luck!