Peach diet — and tasty, and useful!

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Full of vitamins

Originally from China, peaches were famous back in those distant days, their magic properties, through which was part of the "elixir of youth". And no wonder, because the peach contains organic acids (malic, tartaric, citric), mineral salts such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium. In addition, it is rich in vitamins C, b, E, K, PP, and carotene. Recently, scientists examined the composition of peaches, found them over-chemical polyphenols – substances that play an important role in antioxidant activity of our body.

dietary purposes peach is very good for several reasons:
1) the Fruit is 90% water and our body spends its absorption of more calories than it receives.
2) Due to the large amount of fiber peach improves the stomach, stimulates digestive processes;
3) Peaches have a mild diuretic and laxative effects, but these processes are fundamental to a healthy and gradual weight loss.

in addition, peaches have a truly rejuvenating effect on our skin – they retain moisture in the cells, thereby eliminating sagging and reducing wrinkles.

Peach diet

adhere to this diet experts recommend 4 weeks. For the first 2, you can lose 7-8 kg, and the remaining 2 need for gradual withdrawal from the diet and strengthen the result.

Despite the exceptional naturalness of the product, yet you should consult with your doctor. Also remember that peach diet unwanted people suffering from diabetes are prone to digestive issues, and pregnant and lactating women.

In the peach diet, just as in any other, must follow certain rules:
1. The interval between meals should be not less than 2 but not more than 4 hours.
2. A day to drink at least 2 liters of non-carbonated water in addition to other beverages (teas and juices).
3. To exclude from a diet salt, sugar, sauces (including ketchup and mayonnaise), spices (except of vegetable origin).
4. Diet goes well with a variety of physical activities, such as running, Cycling, fitness, swimming.

during the first two weeks of calorie daily ration is 1300 calories, and the last two to 1500 calories.

Menu for the first 2 weeks

Breakfast and afternoon tea on all days are equal

Breakfast – tea (of course, it is better green), couple of toast, 2 teaspoons jam or canned berries with fructose, peach.
Snack is two peaches.

1 day
Lunch — a few slices of melon, a slice of ham without fat, chicken cutlet, peppers, potatoes.
Dinner — a salad of vegetables.

day 2
Lunch — 100 grams. veal, zucchini, a slice of watermelon.
Dinner — 140 gr. pizza with seafood, salad of peaches with low-fat yogurt.

day 3
Lunch — 60 grams. spaghetti with tomatoes, lettuce, two slices of melon.
Dinner — grilled trout, salad of tomatoes and onions, mousse peaches and cream.

day 4
Lunch — a salad of peaches with chicken and 180 grams. paste.
Dinner 300 gr. fish steamed 50 grams. grain bread and two slices of cheese.

day 5
Lunch — Rice (60 gr.) with sauce, steak with a green salad and a peach.
Dinner — 100 gr. the bean salad and peach ice cream with mint.

day 6
Lunch — 60 grams. pasta with vegetables, 50 gr. the minced beef and peach.
Dinner — gazpacho, scrambled eggs, a slice of bread and small portion of low fat cottage cheese.

day 7
Lunch — salad with vegetables, fish with potatoes, baked in the oven and a slice of watermelon.
Dinner — lettuce with tuna, 50 gr. bran bread and peaches with cottage cheese.

Diet menu for the second 2 weeks

Breakfast — tea or coffee with skim milk or a Cup of low-fat yogurt, peach, 3 toasted grain bread, 2 tsp jam with fructose.

Lunch 150 gr. vegetable stew and a choice of:
• 60 gr. pasta with tomato sauce.
• 60 gr. rice with a teaspoon of olive oil and a little grated Parmesan;
• 80 gr. bread with cereal and 30 grams. ham;
• 1 piece of pizza with seafood (150 g.).

Afternoon tea — 200 gr. fruit salad with peach, strawberry and Apple.

Dinner — 150 gr. vegetable salad and choice of:
• 2 times a week — egg;
• 2 times a week — 200 gr. fish for a couple.
• 1 time per week -120 gr. meat;
• 1 time per week — 50 gr. mozzarella cheese 120 gr. cottage cheese;
• 1 time per week — vegetable salad with 160 gr. beans;
• 4 times a week — for dessert, a glass of nonfat yogurt.
• 3 times per week — fresh fruit (better, of course, peaches).

even if the number of kilograms lost due to this diet, will be less than you would like, your body would in any case be grateful for the enormous amount of useful vitamins and minerals received from a magical peach!