Diet Elena Malysheva

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the Name of Elena Malysheva has long become a brand. Famous TV presenter, helped lose weight to many people. Diet Elena Malysheva today at all on hearing – what it is, what helps to achieve?

Free diet from Elena Malysheva

in Fact, well-established menu of this diet no – Elena gives only General guidelines of the diet. The diet is based on the principles of healthy eating. The main rule is to avoid starvation. Elena says that fasting is permissible only in cases of emergency (e.g., an exacerbation of some diseases, before surgery or after it). If the person does not have such problems, refusal of food may lead to unpleasant consequences. Against the background of starvation in the body produce large quantities of nitrogenous compounds that negatively affect health. Therefore, the refusal of food appear symptoms such as lethargy, decreased performance, dizziness and so forth.

What should be the diet? Malysheva offers to eat fractional: 4-5 times a day. It is important to control the size of servings – cups of food is enough for a snack (the optimum portion weight about 200 g). To avoid overeating allow kitchen scales. Small portions of healthy food is enough to not to experience hunger for 2-3 hours. If you think that 200 grams of food will not be enough, trick the body and eat before meals a green Apple. It has low caloric value, but it partially fills the stomach. Instead of Apple you can kill the hunger with a glass of water.

Malysheva offers to drink juices of her own making (in packaged juices lots of sugar and harmful additives). It offers juices diluted with water in proportion 1:1. Mashed potatoes Malysheva advised to replace mashed potatoes, prepared with more useful vegetables (e.g. cauliflower). In addition to potatoes, the author of the diet proposes to abandon the beets and carrots.

Malyshev cautions against the use of sugar substitutes – they do not benefit the organism, and some of them can even trigger the development of pathologies (including Oncology). The following item, which dictates the diet of Elena Malysheva slimming – significant cuts in the proportion of fat. The author of the diet offers salads with lemon juice and stewing foods in water (without adding oil). A particular danger for the shape and health, according to Malysheva, are fats of animal origin. Does not cause bewilderment, and the next point of the diet is the rejection of all kinds of sweets, baked goods, and alcohol. Traditionally, these products are excluded from the diets. Another taboo when dieting becomes polished rice.

Protein is an essential component of the menu. Malysheva advised to obtain it from lean foods – lean meats and fish, dairy products low in fat. Combine meat and fish only with greens – from the familiar combination of porridge + meat have to give. You need to eat protein separately from carbohydrates.

At the initial stage of the diet, the daily calorie intake should not exceed 1200 kcal, over time we can reduce this figure to 1000 kcal/day. Counting calories is a must. This process disciplinarum, sets on success.

Elena insists that our body is quite a reasonable system. You need to communicate with him, to love my body and respect its needs. During the meal, you need to mentally adjust yourself to the fact that the food is a feast for every cell in our body. This approach allows us to maximize the use of those useful elements which are present in food.

you need to Eat in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. All psychological "clips" and unpleasant thoughts should keep outside the kitchen. In any case it is impossible to snack on the go. Necessarily need to chew your food. This not only helps you to eat, but also promotes proper absorption of all useful, and that contains in products. The fact that saliva is already beginning the process of refining it breaks down carbohydrates and gives them no chance to secede on the sides. Prolonged chewing of food reduces the load on the digestive tract and the heart, renews the health of your teeth (during this process the gums active the blood flow, improves tissue nutrition). Before you swallow a bite of food, Malysheva advised to perform at least 18 years of chewing movements.

the most Important time of the diet Malysheva is the drinking regime. Like many other nutritionists, Elena advises to drink before eating or 1-2 hours after. The physiological rate of free liquid – 8 article a day.

Sample menu

Diet from Elena Malysheva has a set menu. To make it easier to navigate, the proposed approximate version of the daily diet.

• the First Breakfast (8.00 am): oatmeal on the water (pour cereal with water, cooled to 90 degrees and leave on for 10 minutes) and a mixture of low fat cottage cheese, yogurt and berries
• lunch (11.00), fruits (2 of 2), for example, 2 Mandarin and 2 apples or 2 pears and 2 oranges (use the principle of sweet + sour)
• Lunch (13.00): protein foods — lacto-proteins (dairy products and cooked eggs), animal proteins (meat, fish), vegetable proteins (soya, etc.)
• Afternoon tea (16.00) menu brunch (schema 5 hours in order not to overload the body should eat what was already present in the menu about 5 hours ago)
• Dinner (19.00, not too late): salads from products of vegetable origin, dressed with fermented milk products (vegetables + greens + low fat sour cream, fruits + nuts + low-fat yogurt, etc.)

For more tips

What to do if the diet was developed by Elena Malysheva, lost performance? Any diet takes weight unevenly – at the initial stage it is faster and final slower. This is due to complicated biochemical processes in our muscles. To push the fat burning process help of regular exercise. Since the diet Malysheva does not involve starvation, the sport is quite acceptable. Elena offers daily for 40 minutes to walk at a brisk pace (2 steps per second). You can walk to work or walk on a treadmill – the effect is virtually identical.

Pay diet Elena Malysheva

unfortunately, today often people fall for "divorce" where the fraud, hiding behind a big name Malysheva, suggest to send the diet (of course, not free). Another option is diet from Elena Malysheva, designed for 24 days. In this case losing weight, the man offers full support during this period 2 times will be sent set of products (breakfasts, Lunches, dinners, desserts). The products mostly go to frozen (in the thermo with icepacks) – after receiving the food should be loaded in the freezer and defrost before use. Part of the breakfasts and all the desserts do not require freezing. The diet involves 4 days of discharge (rice or buckwheat). This diet is very convenient – no need to make their own menu and cook the food. Packing food to take to work. The main downside is the cost (12 000 rubles). On the website you can choose and buy model diet (for weight loss or to maintain weight). Takes into account different factors (exercise, blood pressure problems, etc.). Daily caloric intake is on average 800 calories. The food contains the minimum amount of fat, salt and simple carbohydrates, while it is quite edible. For Breakfast you can offer muesli with seeds and nuts, oatmeal with berries, scrambled eggs with broccoli. For lunch feed julienne, fish, and meatballs. The dessert is a mixture of dried fruit, soufflé or fruit bars, and dinner – burgers, soups, stuffed cabbage. As can be seen from the list, even during a low calorie diet, you can eat tasty and varied.


the Diet of Elena Malysheva slimming has good reviews – you will lose weight steadily (on average burned about 500 g of fat a day). At the same time, all agree that tightening up the diet longer than the recommended time is not worth it.