Beet diet

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Briefly about the benefits of beet diet

Beetroot diet makes it possible to adjust the shape, so what is the secret of this deliberate action? Beets are rich in fiber, and it is known, promotes the cleansing of the intestine and improve the digestive system as a whole. In addition, it should be noted that the composition of the beet include betaines (amino acid derivatives) that are conducive to protein digestion and regulating fat metabolism. It is thanks to this group of substances in beets prevents the development of obesity (including obesity liver). Most interesting is that betaine is practically not destroyed by heat treatment and retains its useful properties. A huge benefit of the body brings a rich and vitamin-mineral group, a member of the beet (particularly noteworthy are vitamins belonging to the group, as well as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and fluorine).

Options diet menu

Option # 1 (ten-day beet diet)

This diet lasts for 10 days. It allows you to lose weight and at the same time to cleanse the body of harmful accumulations. The basis of her diet are lean meat and dairy products, and vegetable salads. The amount of fat in the diet period is sharply restricted permissible to use only useful vegetable oil (olive, flax), adding to salads no more than 1 tsp per serving.

20 minutes before lunch and dinner all 10 days will have to drink beetroot and carrot juice. For cooking single portion need to use:
— beets – 1 PC.;
— carrots – 2 PCs.
— orange – 1 PC.

Diet during the diet includes 3 meals. Menu can be on their own by following example.

• Breakfast: beet-carrot salad, seasoned with lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil and an egg white omelet, steamed (as an option – 100 g low-fat cottage cheese) and toast
• Lunch: vegetable porridge from brown rice or from oats and a slice of boiled meat (100 g)
• Dinner: stewed or steamed vegetables and a slice of boiled or baked without fat fish

During the diet is necessary to drink plenty of fluids is the priority for clean water and herbal teas.

Option # 2 (beet diet for 3 days)

Daily ration of this diet consists of:
• Raw beets – 400 g
• Carrots – 300 g
• Sour apples – 300 g
• Vegetable oil – 1 tbsp
• Water without gas (no limit)

vegetables and apples to make a salad and season it with vegetable oil. The received portion is recommended to be divided into 5-6 parts. This version of the diet markedly stimulates the activity of the intestine, so it's best to stick with beet menu only on weekends (duration of the diet should not exceed three days).

Dignity beet diet

Beet diet is simple to perform, besides its menu don't damage the wallet. Diet "kills two birds with one stone" — it carries out fat burning and cleansing role.

The disadvantages of beet diet

Beetroot diet not without shortcomings – beet juice has a specific taste, sometimes not save even the introduction of other ingredients. In addition, the use of this product can lead to serious issues in the presence of certain diseases (about contraindications we describe below).

Contraindications to the beet diet

Beetroot diet is impossible to adhere to:
— inflammation in the stomach and intestines;
— in case of chronic cystitis;
— urolithiasis;
— in case of any kidney diseases.

This list of contraindications due to the presence in the beet oxalic acid, provoking the exacerbation of the above diseases.

Beetroot diet stick possible, but only in the absence of contraindications. It is extremely important to follow all the recommendations, otherwise problems can not be avoided.