Diet bodybuilder

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Bodybuilders have to constantly be on diet, and on different stages of the training programme, advice on nutrition different. Diet bodybuilder – what products needed to create a beautiful muscular relief?

Anabolic diet

This diet is used to build muscle. Nutrition recommendations depend on body type. Astenika (people with thin bones and weak muscles) throughout the day you should eat 5-7 servings of meals, interval between meals – 3 hours.
Each meal should contain 18 grams of protein and complex and simple carbohydrates (40 g and 20 g, respectively). It is necessary to control the parameters of the body – if it increases the amount of adipose tissue, and muscles grow weak, it is necessary to limit intake of fast carbs and reduce some of the size of the portions. The gap between intense workouts should be 72 hours.

Normostenik and gipersteniki recommended a slightly different menu. They must abide by the rules of a separate food (protein is consumed separately from carbohydrates). If weight is increasing too quickly, this may indicate excessive flow of salt (you will have to control its quantity). The diet should include easily digestible foods high in nutritional value.

The catabolic diet

This diet allows you to dry body, get rid of excess fat. Eating plan creates the conditions to ensure that together with the fat not go away and muscle tissue. As a rule, the diet is made individually. Caloric restriction must be reasonable – hard exercise athletes it is impossible to reduce this figure by more than 500-600 calories. You need to increase protein intake to 3-4 g per 1 kg of body weight. It is important to remember that this diet must be followed only subject to active training. Contraindications are diseases of the kidneys and liver – the diet creates a high load on these organs.

Sample menu

Breakfast: half fruit, egg white omelet of 6 eggs, 3 tbsp of grain.
the Second Breakfast: 200 g of fish or meat
Lunch: fillet of poultry with vegetables
Snack: protein shake (you can substitute a portion of meat)
Dinner: 200-300 g seafood, celery


the Diet of a bodybuilder – specific nutrition plan, designed for people involved in strength training. Both diets are not suitable for those who trains from time to time and/or has problems with the digestive system and the excretory system.