What you need to know before you choose a diet?

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industry producing and offering all kinds of means and ways to lose weight is growing rapidly. Those who wish to lose unwanted pounds offers a variety of pills, powders, books and CDs telling about the miraculous techniques, and diets. And people spend money buying these products, hoping to leave the annoying fat deposits and acquire the ease and elegance with new promising techniques.

However always if that makes sense? In recent times, there are many different other diets, each of which promises magical results. But if all these methods are so effective, why inventing new diets, weight loss programs, supplements? You have to wonder: is that a tricks, ways to withdraw a money from the wallets of the poor "fatties" and nothing more? Many methods don't really work. Still, it does not mean you have to hide away their "blood", nothing to buy, nothing to trust and accept their 56 to 60-th size. But before you decide to take anything, it will be useful to consider the following facts that will help you to Orient with all variety of trendy diets and methods and choose the method that will yield tangible and lasting results.

1. Any diet, involving a complete rejection of any kind of nutrients should alert. To stay healthy, our body needs a varied diet and receive all the necessary nutrients. If to dramatically restrict your food in any of them — for example, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals or proteins, the consequences can be very sad. Pediatricians in recent times often faced with delayed development of children, as a consequence of the fact that they are quite successful and wealthy parents, from the "best of intentions" almost completely eliminated from their diet fats and began to feed them only low fat products. Although the lack of vital nutrients quickly particularly affects children, adults can also suffer from imbalance in their diet. Experts say that long-term effects of those low-carb diets (Atkins, the Kremlin) is still not fully understood. Such diets and their impact on health to date not been explored fully, and their safety is impossible. Why doctors warn against drastic restriction of carbohydrates for a long time. Therefore, starting any diet, first of all, make sure that it offers a balanced power system, then you can be sure its security.

2. Disbelief should apply to those diets that promise weight loss without increasing physical activity. Undoubtedly, significantly limiting calorie intake, a certain number of kilos you will lose, but will acquire a permanent feeling of hunger and dissatisfaction. In addition, lack of physical activity almost always leads to loss of muscle mass. Without the extra weight, however, to have excess body fat. And it is precisely the excess fatty tissues and can lead to such serious diseases as heart failure, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. Since, only increasing physical activity, can improve muscle mass by burning excess fat, it is important to note if it includes (or at least encourages) program weight loss daily exercise.

3. A caution must call methods that promise dramatic weight reduction within a short period. Of course, promises that the new method will eliminate seven days from eight pounds, sounds very tempting. However, this can be dangerous for health! Doctors do not recommend to lose weight more than 500-800 grams per week. And exceeding of these indicators face negative consequences. Many diets leading to rapid weight loss, provide this effect is due to dehydration. After all, our body consists of 70% water, so the weight loss quite easily happen if the kilos melt together with the reserves of body fluids. But it affects the health and appearance not the best way. So you should not trust promising practices, the authors of which I assure you, the pounds will disappear on the eyes. Do not risk your health!

4. Diet calories lower than 1200 kcal for women and 1500 kcal for men is also a very negative impact on the body. Very low-calorie diets, such as diet Kimkins put people into a state of chronic hunger. Weight loss is due to the depletion of the organs and tissues. And it threatens with serious metabolic disorders. Besides the body, "disturbed" unexpected hunger strike, as a rule, passes in a mode of slow burning calories. This not only reduces the rate of weight loss, but also leads to subsequent rapid accumulation of body fat, that occurs immediately after the increase in calorie intake.

What are the conclusions follow from the above?

weight reduction can be very effective and without harm to health. But you need to take into account the undesirable consequences, which may be caused by one or the other diet. Adequate caloric restriction with a balanced observance of the receipt of all necessary nutrients, the inclusion in the regime rewarding exercise, maintaining your vitality at a high level, active psychological setting, "resolution" weight loss — all this will create an instant miracle, but the result certainly will be!