Diet for men

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General guidelines

When drawing up the diet should take into account that the metabolism of men somewhat faster than women. Strong half of humanity requires more calories than the weaker sex (a reasonable minimum limit is 1600 calories, but if a man is actively involved in sports, then this is not enough). Diet for men for weight loss must include protein. Priority sources of this substance: lean meat products, fish, white meat poultry (skinless), low-fat dairy products, egg whites. The menu should contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E and minerals (magnesium and calcium). Do not forget about fiber. Every day should drink about 2.5 litres of unsweetened and non-carbonated liquids. Twice a week you can afford a glass of fresh beer (snacks are excluded). Carbohydrate replenishment must come from healthy food: cereal, vegetables (it is necessary to highlight the cabbage, carrots, beets, sweet pepper, greens), sweet and sour fruit. You can enter in the diet of pastries from flour, and grains bread, sprouted grains.

the diet will have to abandon the spirits, refractory animal fats, fatty meats and fish, dairy products with high fat content. It is not necessary to enter into the diet of fried foods (especially if you are using breadcrumbs), as well as spicy, salty and smoked foods. Will have to give up fat from sauces, spicy ketchup, confectionery. Normal sugar should be limited.

Quick weight loss for men

There are diets quick weight loss for men – for the most part they are based on protein-rich foods and complex carbohydrates. We offer you several options.

Diet for 7 days

• the First Breakfast: any fruit and still water
• lunch: porridge, boiled in water, 150 g of cottage cheese and tea
• Dinner: fish or meat (200 g), vegetable salad, cereal and juice
• Dinner: vegetable dish a little steam fish, broth hips
• Before bedtime: milk drink

the Average weight loss is 2-3 kg.

Diet for 2 weeks

2 weeks you can lose about 5 kg of excess weight. After 2 months, it can be repeated again. The options for Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be alternated.

• assortment of Fruit and 200 g of oatmeal
• Toast of bran bread, low-fat yogurt, 2 tsp honey
• 2 toast, lettuce, 25 grams of lean ham (you can replace it with 90 g of tuna, 50 g of boiled chicken meat or 25 g of white cheese)
• Toast of black bread, soft-boiled egg or an omelet steam
• Rye toast, 125 g fruit juice, Apple
• half a grapefruit, a steam omelette, a couple of rye toast
• 150 g veal, crispy bread, tomato and mushrooms cooked on the grill
• Cutlet of veal or fish, tomatoes, a slice of bread from wheat flour and 0.5 Cup of fruit juice
• Rye toast, radishes and 125 g of boiled beans
• Serving of yogurt and fruit

• 75 g of boiled meat, 200 grams boiled in the skins of potatoes, 40 g white cheese
• 100 g of beef liver, baked with herbs and mushrooms, a couple of tomatoes
• 150 g rump steak, grilled, and 125 g boiled in the skin potatoes
• 150 g steam fish, 75 g of canned green peas, steam the potatoes in their skins, a serving of low-fat yogurt
• 50 g spaghetti sauce (100 g ground beef, onion, tomatoes, herbs and garlic)
• a Slice of bacon, 100 g kidneys, fresh tomato, 1 tablespoon of canned peas, orange or pear

afternoon Tea: fresh fruit

• 25 grams of lean ham and bread from wheat flour
• 125 g of boiled beans, a slice of bran bread, 15 grams of white cheese, Apple
• half a grapefruit and 150 g of white fish
• Thick vegetable soup, grain bread, spaghetti
• Beef steak and bread from wheat flour


Effective diet for men should have a balanced menu. In practice, neither overeating nor chronic malnutrition good body men do not bring. Remember that if you have a large excess weight, consultation of doctor is required.