A high protein diet

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The essence of the diet

an optimal level of physical activity (that is, if a person trains at least 3 times a week), the ratio of nutrients is as follows:
• the rate of carbohydrate for men – 3 g per 1 kg of body weight for women – 2 g per 1 kg of body weight. The main part of carbohydrates should be consumed in the morning, in the evening from carbohydrate food should be discarded. Only if practiced late in the workout, this rule can be ignored. Food with high glycemic index are allowed to eat only for Breakfast.
• the rate of protein – about 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight (almost 2 times higher than the physiological norm). Protein is distributed over the whole day evenly.
• the Normal fat for men – 1 g per 1 kg of body weight, and for women no more than 0.5 g per 1 kg of Fats also should be distributed uniformly, only in the evening their share should be reduced.

in the absence of physical activity the amount of protein set at 1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight, and the proportion of carbohydrates is reduced in 2 times.

The principle of the diet

Limiting the proportion of starchy food and increasing the amount of protein, we deprive the body of "fast" recharge and forced to switch to using fatty acids. Low concentration of carbohydrates in the blood leads to a decrease in the secretion of insulin, which prevents the deposition of fat in reserve. Another secret of the effectiveness of the diet – extra energy consumption for the digestion of protein. Everything else, good protein foods saturates, and its surpluses are rarely converted to fat (the body is easier to create a reserve at the expense of carbohydrate and fatty foods).

Additional recommendations

The high-protein diet fatty acids is to get introducing in the diet vegetable oils, nuts, avocados, fatty fish. To eat while on a diet you need often, but in small portions (5-6 times a day). Excessively to cut calories is impossible – this will force the body to go into saving mode. It is not recommended to sit a long time on the diet – after 7 days should take a break for 2-3 days, increasing calorie and returning to the physiological norms of consumption of nutrition elements. Then diet can be repeated.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: 150 g of beef, 1 tbsp of green peas, 100 g of sauerkraut and green tea
• Second Breakfast: juice
• Lunch: soup, 150 g chicken fillet, toast, 100 g of vegetable salad made of peppers, cabbage and greens, mineral water
• Snack: serving of yogurt
• Dinner: 150 g of boiled fish and a salad of green vegetables or 150 grams of cottage cheese and lettuce
• Before sleep: yogurt


a Diet high in protein is contraindicated with the following problems:
• Pancreas
• Dysbiosis
• Pathology of the kidney
• diabetes
• peptic Ulcer disease
• Anemia
• Arthritis
• TB


a high protein diet is ideal for athletes but can be used by people unrelated to the sport. It is impossible to stick to on a regular basis because it makes disorder in metabolic processes.