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Purification of gluttony or two-day vegetarian diet


Just when we began to move away from the new year holidays, as soon as the eighth of March. But the most important thing for us women the holiday, we must be prepared. Not far off summer, and that means getting out the warm sweaters very many people, unfortunately, have to experience stress. Indeed, under that sweater, out of nowhere, found the hated folds, dimples and other nasty things that hide our perfect figure! Give finally body needs a break. He's tired of cakes, geese and mayonnaise.

the two-day cleansing diet is what You need. And body cleanse and lose weight will help, and ease the transition to a healthy diet. Not the same all year round Olivier to burst?! In addition, such a purification will perfectly prepare Your body for any subsequent, more prolonged, or simply diet will help easier to transition to a moderate and healthy diet.

For a two-day operation, you will need: willpower, willpower and willpower! But to eat something in those two days, too!

The first day

Breakfast. The first day in our cleansing menu you need to use something citrus: grapefruit, orange, sweety, Mandarin (two) or pomelo (half), to it add a few slices of Apple, pineapple and some grapes. The volume is supposed to be the basin, and the average bowl! Instead of coffee and tea you drink herbal teas and mineral water.

a Snack. You can eat a salad of grapefruit, kiwi and grapes. Do not add sugar or yogurt. Drink chamomile tea and mineral water.

Lunch. For lunch, again a variation of fruit salad, only without bananas.

As before with a clear conscience and purified the body to fall into the arms of Morpheus, can afford a banana with chamomile extract and, of course, read a good book!

Day two

Breakfast. The next day, Wake yourself with an invigorating Cup of carrot juice, salt, black pepper and stir with a stick of celery, it can eat. Grill bake four large tomato, ottenete taste with pepper and other seasonings (to taste). Drink still herbal tea and mineral water.

the Second Breakfast. You can indulge in fresh vegetable salad with cucumbers, leaf lettuce, radishes, peppers, celery. Add the taste of spices and lemon juice.

Lunch. Prepare the steamed vegetables. Cook steamed broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, or eggplant, with the addition of salt and pepper. Drink still mineral water and herbal teas.

do Not forget that during this short-term diet sure to drink at least a liter of water and, in addition, herbal tea. Also it is recommended to take vitamin C twice a day.

to Follow this diet not difficult, in fact it lasts only two days, and You eat often and good. After all, we women of a sweet tooth, and on the first day should eat only fruit! This is the best dessert in the world – tasty, healthy and also natural! So, after these wonderful days, You will have more forces and good mood. But, most importantly, leave a couple of hated kilograms.

celebrate spring updated and beautiful!