Diet for hypertensive patients

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General rules of nutrition

Diet is recommended in hypertension, causes to adhere to certain rules of nutrition. To observe them it is necessary on a regular basis – only this can provide a positive result.

1. The diet should be balanced.
2. It is necessary to substantially limit the flow of salt – it retains moisture, which is one of the causes of high blood pressure. It is recommended that salt ready meals. Limited or excluded pickles, any canned, semi-cooked meats.
3. The norm of free fluid should be limited to 1.3 liters per day.
4. The priority should be given to lean protein in the diet is to introduce low-fat sorts of meat and fish, dairy products minimum fat, egg white.
5. Subject to limit simple carbohydrates (especially in the presence of excess weight).
6. The main sources of fatty acids should be vegetable oil. The share of animal fats should be significantly reduced.
7. In order to normalize the pressure, have to give up alcoholic beverages, and beverages containing large amounts of caffeine.
8. Priority position in the diet of hypertensive patients should take foods rich in ascorbic acid, magnesium and potassium. Such food positively affects the condition of blood vessels and heart muscle.

DASH diet

Presented below is a diet developed by American scientists. It is a nutritional approach to the treatment of hypertension (this is what the acronym stands for). The basis of the diet of hypertensive patients should be
• Whole grains
• Vegetables, berries and fruits
• low-fat or fat-free dairy products
• Lean meat, poultry, fish
• Nuts
• Legumes

Sample menu

• Breakfast: freshly made orange juice, oatmeal or cereal for Breakfast, wholegrain bread, low-fat milk
• lunch: a couple slices of grain bread, lean ham with low sodium (60 g), fresh and mild cheese (30 g), leaf lettuce, tomato, 1 tsp. natural mustard, Apple
• Dinner: chicken porridge, 3 tbsp of green peas, corn muffin, low-fat milk
• Snacks (optional): dried apricots, almond, orange

a Diet should be combined with medication recommended by your doctor.

Potassium diet

If necessary, the doctor can 4 days to transfer the patient on a special diet, providing for the delivery of large quantities of potassium.

Sample menu

• the First Breakfast: baked potato (200 g), rice water (200 ml)
• lunch: cabbage juice (100 ml)
• Lunch: potato soup (200 g), cabbage puree (200 g), jelly made from real fruit or berry juice, 200 g of soup-mashed potatoes
• Snack: a decoction of rose hips (100 ml)
• Dinner: mashed potatoes (300 g), rose hips broth (100 ml)


a Balanced diet for hypertensive patients should be observed regularly, according to reviews, it provides a noticeable improvement. Specific potassium diet should be followed no longer than 4 days.