Diet for sports women

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This diet is designed for active sports women. This power system is not really a diet but rather a way of eating for life. Going on a diet, you can reset every month about 2-4 lbs. At the same time, you will eat healthy food which is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients.

in addition to healthy daily meals to two times a week to arrange fasting days, fruit and yogurt. This newly developed power supply system is the best way to lose excess weight. We should not strive to lose from fast and a lot of excess weight. As is known, quickly gone, as quickly and return. Meals were balanced and varied, so the feeling of hunger to torture you will not and to minimize the risk of relapse and overeat.

Every morning make a light Jogging and exercises for 15 to 20 minutes. At least twice a week visit the gym, where you spend heavy exercise heavy exercise.

the Daily rate of calories consumed should be 1500 kcal. Try and evenly distribute your daily intake based on exercise. In the morning, you must replenish a small amount of carbs before charging. After a morning of playing sports should be mandatory hearty Breakfast during which you must replenish the proteins and carbohydrates again. Lunch should be hearty and dense, so as not to further suffer from hunger.

Sports diet for women sample menu:

in the Morning, before your workout eat a banana or two apples. It will be about 80 kcal, and the necessary charge in carbohydrates before training you will receive.

For Breakfast choose from the following options, which consist of approximately 400 kcal:

1). One egg (preferably boiled), a small piece of cooked lean meat or chicken. You need to eat salad from fresh cabbage and carrots, slice of rye bread. Tea without sugar with a slice of lemon and teaspoon of honey.
2). Rice casserole with meat and vegetables, and the seaweed salad. Tea or coffee without sugar.
3). Sandwich diet bread transparent layer of butter and a slice of cheese. A piece of chicken without skin with fresh vegetables. Green or herbal tea.

Lunch should be around 450 kcal and can be as follows:

1). Vegetable soup, vegetable stew with beef stew, slice of bread. Tea with dried apricots (2 PCs.)
2). Small portion of soup, lean fish with a fresh salad, a slice of bread. Green tea.
3). Vegetable soup, cabbage salad and paprika in olive oil with lemon juice, a piece of lean meat. Juice.

If the evening you have a scheduled training session 30 minutes before her drink a glass of fresh juice or vitamin-enriched infusion of rose hips.

Dinner should contain no more than 350 calories:

1). Casserole broccoli with meat and cooked mushrooms, grated carrots with olive oil. Tea with raisins (25 g.).
2). Vegetable risotto with a glass of tomato juice.
3). Vegetable salad with two tablespoons of oatmeal. Herbal sedative tea.