The diet based on celery

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The healing properties of celery

was known in ancient times. Greek beauty was considered celery the magic herb, capable to return youth and keep a beautiful figure.

Celery is a part of many diets, and not only its leaves but also the stem and root. Celery is useful because it contains vitamins C, b, ZZ, E, provitamin a, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc. The essential oils contained in celery, give it a specific taste.

People who struggle with excess weight, celery can provide invaluable assistance, as, except for the treatment of obesity, celery stimulates the removal of toxins. In addition, celery juice normalizes metabolism.

As you know, the best treatment of diseases is their prevention. To prevent obesity, three times a day half an hour before meals drink two teaspoons of celery juice.

In combination with cabbage, carrots, turnips, beets, celery has the property of improving the color of the skin and the overall recovery of the organism.

During the diet add celery to meat dishes it is necessary, as it stimulates the production of gastric juice that promotes digestion.

to Lose two kilos in one week will help you celery salad "Slim", if you only eat it for dinner. The recipe: celery root wash, peel and grate. Also grate the turnips and carrots. Mix all, add salt and season with vegetable oil and lemon juice.

Another option celery diet: boil two hard boiled eggs, carrots. Add the celery stalks and cucumber, slice, mix and season salad with sour cream. This salad will be your only dish for lunch.

this salad Can be alternated with soup. The recipe is this: boil the potatoes, sauté the carrots and celery (root). A minute before the potatoes are cooked, add to soup with celery and carrots. Bring the soup to a boil and add the nuts, grated garlic.