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Helpful information

weight loss Program from Grossman is suitable for people of different ages and different sex, but she always adapts to the needs of the body. Interestingly, this technique can be used even in the presence of fairly serious diseases. As a competent method of weight loss, this diet is divided into 2 stages – primary and secondary. During the main phase you will lose major excess weight, and during extra – secure the result. Weight loss promotes a special diet, combining protein with fiber.

Diet diet

During the diet need eat strictly by the hour: 9.00-10.00; 13.00-14.00; 17.00-18.00; 20.00-21.00. If the person works nights, the Breakfast is to move for the evening and dinner in the morning. Acceptable protein sources: fish, beef, chicken, Turkey, shellfish, shrimp, beef liver, low-fat cottage cheese. You can also enter in the diet of eggs, but it is advisable not to abuse it.

During the active phase of the diet for Breakfast, eat 100-150 grams of lean protein and 250 g of vegetables (excluding the starchy types of potatoes, etc.). Supplement morning diet can bread (30 g), tea with honey and tomato juice, milk or yogurt low fat. Lunch may consist of protein broth, greens, fresh vegetables (100 g), kefir or yogurt (150 g) and granola (1 tsp). After lunch you can enjoy a Cup of tea, coffee or buttermilk. Afternoon tea (first dinner) should consist of fresh fruits (200 g) and drink (tomato juice, tea, yogurt). Last snack: prunes (5 pieces) and half portion of the beverage (tomato juice, tea, yogurt).

Men need to increase the rate of food 50 g. Diet can be on their own, given the individual tolerance of food. Plant-based diet is advisable to eat raw, but if this option causes problems with digestion can be subjected to heat treatment. Intolerance of milk it is better to replace it with fermented drinks. Between meals eat nothing, but you can drink water, coffee, tea. Drinks are allowed to sweeten with sugar substitutes.

Every Thursday, we'll have to arrange unloading on the water. The optimal duration of refusal of food 36 hours. Before unloading (Wednesday) is to cleanse the bowel. During the water discharge should drink hot liquid (you can add lemon juice). In addition to water valid to drink tea and coffee (without sugar or sugar substitutes). Friday morning should begin with a glass of unsalted tomato juice. On any day of the diet, it is recommended to go to sleep before 12.00 (unless you work nights).

The psychological moment

not to forget that you are on a diet, Grossman offers his followers to do "binding" to tie on the hand thread. Looking at her, you will remember that Thursday is dedicated to the water, and the remaining days nutrition.

An additional phase of the diet

In the stabilization phase of the diet can be quite varied. You can eat porridge, soups, salads (fill them with vegetable oil). As beneficial supplements use the dried fruit. Every meal can end with something sweet (not more than 20 grams). Three times a month are allowed to eat everything without restrictions, controlling the portion size. Weight loss program must be supplemented by yoga, Jogging, speed walking, dancing.


Diet Galina Grossmann – proper method of weight loss, allowing you to correct shape and fix the result. Reviews about it are very positive.