Diet "Minus 60"

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Information about diet

Diet minus 60 Mirimanova is the result of personal experience of the author. In 2005, Catherine weighed 120 kg – few believed that she would be able to pull myself together and lose weight. Mirimanova proved that the impossible is possible – in just 1.5 years she managed to lose half of their original weight (Ekaterina weight 60 kg – hence the name of the technique). Interestingly, this diet allows you to eat absolutely everything (sweets, pastries, bacon, etc.). It doesn't make you starve and count calories – we just need to observe certain rules of nutrition. In fact, this system is an example of a correct diet and it can be used throughout life.

Rules diet Catherine Mirimanova

What are the rules to follow makes diet 60 Mirimanova Catherine? This power supply system is based on the following recommendations:
• Breakfast can not miss morning meal awakens the metabolism. Those who wakes up early Mirimanova offers to make not 1 but 2 breakfasts (one very light and the other complete).
• Normal sugar should be reduced gradually. Refrain from refined sugar in favor of brown. Do not use sugar substitutes.
• From the whole range of alcoholic beverages prefer red dry wine.
• For Breakfast, eat any foods, including sweets.
• Milk chocolate gradually replace the bitter black, and the usual rice – parboiled.
• White bread, eat only at Breakfast, at lunch you can afford a slice of rye bread (don't combine bread with meat products and fish)
• the Pasta and potatoes you can eat for Breakfast and lunch, but not too keen on these products. While eating you can combine them with anything, at lunch with vegetables and cheese. For dinner potatoes and pasta can't be eaten.
• Optimal dinner – a combination of cheese and fruit, rice and fruit, rice and vegetables. You can afford meat (fish, poultry) – eat them as a separate dish.
• Dinner should be completed before 18.00 (if you go to bed early). If you belong to the category "owls", you can move the evening meal to a later period (but in any case, do not eat later than 20.00). It is not necessary to complete the dinner and too early (17.00) – this did not speed up the process of weight loss, but can lead to failure. If you missed the dinner, you will have to endure until the morning (drink green tea without sugar).
• Drinking the diet should be abundant, the water is better kept in sight, but force yourself to drink it is not necessary – the body will determine the necessary norm (drink when you feel the need).
• Salt should not be ruled out, but to control the amount still needed (pereselyayte food).
• you should Not eat during the day, one thing (for example, fruit) – this slows down metabolism
• does Not make sense to arrange fasting days – restricted eating becomes a stress to the body (the same goes for all sorts of cleansing techniques).
• Eat 3 times a day, if you wish, arranging his fruit snacks.
• Take courses multivitamin preparations.
• Diet minus 60 is not contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding is important only gradually "belong" to the diet and monitor your condition. You should also consult with your doctor.

Advice on nutrition

Breakfast diet Catherine Mirimanova allows you to eat everything. After this we have to follow certain restrictions.


Products you can boil and simmer. It is permissible to use sour cream and mayonnaise (up to 14.00), but in small amounts (1 tsp.). When cooking you can use soy sauce and vegetable oil (a bit). The soup is allowed to boil water (in this case, you can add potatoes) or broth (potatoes excluded, but you can replace it with beans or frozen green peas).

for lunch, you can eat the following products:
• Sushi
• Fruits (apples, citrus fruits, plums, kiwi, melons, pineapple, prunes)
• Vegetables (baked, boiled, steamed, raw)
• Salty and marinated vegetables (little bit)
• Meat and fish products, seafood, meat products (boiled sausage, steamed meatballs, meat cooked on a dry pan, etc.)
• Boiled eggs
• Cereals (buckwheat, rice)
• Pasta (not to be combined with meat and fish)
• Rice noodles
• Tea, coffee, dry red wine, natural juice, dairy-based drinks


For dinner, the products can be put out on the water, flavoring, natural seasonings, soya sauce, salt. Sugar is completely eliminated.

Recommended products:
• Fruit (the same range that in the afternoon)
• Vegetables (excludes potatoes, peas, corn, mushrooms, pumpkin, eggplant, avocado)
• Dairy products, cereals
• fish and Meat products, offal, seafood (a meal)
• Boiled eggs (can not be combined with carbohydrates)
• Cereals (buckwheat, rice) – can be combined with fruits and vegetables
• Dairy products (unsweetened yogurt, curd, cheese crisp)
• Drinks (green tea, coffee, water with gas and without, natural juice)
• Milk-based drinks (combined with fruits and vegetables)
• dry Red wine


Diet minus 60, like a lot. It doesn't force dramatically and drastically change eating habits. Changes occur smoothly and gradually, minimizing any possible discomfort. Weight loss individual. Captivating a diet on your own and pamper yourself with Goodies in the morning.