Lacto-vegetarian diet

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Plant foods and dairy products is the basis of many diets. Each of these products is beneficial, so lacto-vegetarian diet enjoys a high degree of popularity. We offer you several variants of this technique of weight loss and health improvement.

Diet No. 1 (to reduce the level of glucose in the blood)

This option therapeutic diets be prescribed by a doctor. Duration it does not exceed 7 days. The meal plan eliminates the salt and sugar. Diet is the same for all days (listed below the products menu you can make your own).

• Milk – 500 ml (2 servings 250 ml)
• low-fat cottage cheese 50 g
• organic coffee, tea with lemon, stewed fruit without sugar, unsalted vegetable broth
• Black and branny bread 120 g
• Potatoes and other vegetables – about 200 g
• Apples, pears, strawberry – 250 g
• Oil – about 15g.

Diet No. 2 (vegetables and milk)

the Duration of this diet – 7 days. It helps to get rid of 3-4 kg of excess weight. Diet for every day:
• Vegetables (zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, etc.) – 1-1.5 kg
• Dried black bread – 2 slices
• Dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt, curdled milk) – 1 l

Morning diet can be supplemented with portion of oatmeal.

Diet No. 3 (fruits and dairy products)

This diet lasts for 2-3 days. It helps to lose weight by 1-3 kg. In this case, the basis of the diet are dairy products and fruits is to eat them standing separately, not combining in the same meal. Daily fruit allowance – 400-500 g, and dairy products – 1-1.5 L.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: fruit salad of Apple, kiwi, banana and unsweetened tea
• lunch: a serving of low-fat yogurt
• Lunch: fruit salad of grapefruit, apples, seedless grapes, mineral water
• Snack: a serving of yogurt or cottage cheese
• Dinner: fruit and a decoction of rose hips
• Before bed: skim milk

Diet No. 4 (strict diet, Harry Benjamin)

This diet has offered the world a doctor from America. It is designed for a week, eat standing, adhering to the recommended scheme.

• the Days № 1, 4, 5, 6, 7: 200 ml of milk every 2 hours
• Day # 2: 200 ml of milk at intervals of 1.5 hours
• Day # 3: 200 ml of milk in 1 hour

in Addition to milk in the diet includes the following products:
• Dried black bread
• Vegetables, fruits, nuts, dried fruits
• Vegetable soup
• Cheese, cottage cheese
• Egg
• Jelly, mint tea, juice, broth hips, water

Diet number 5 (dairy products, fruits and vegetables)

the duration of the diet – 7 days. Weight loss during the week – 3-4 kg. the menu includes:
• Dairy products – 1 l per day
• Fruits and vegetables – about 800 g per day
• Cheese – 30 g per day
• cottage Cheese — 100-150 g per day

Sample menu

• Breakfast: tea with skim milk, 30 g white cheese
• Second Breakfast: fruit
• Lunch: vegetable soup with greens, leaf lettuce
• Afternoon tea: easy fruit salad no dressing
• Dinner: yogurt and cottage cheese
• before sleep: 1 tbsp. skim milk in the form of heat.


lacto-vegetarian diet in many cases is the most positive reviews. Similar menu improves peristalsis, normalize metabolic processes. At the same time to abuse the diet is clearly not worth it – whatever it was, it significantly restricts the diet deprives the body of certain nutrients for normal functioning.