Rice fasting day

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Useful properties of rice

Rice removes excess fluid and wastes. This product contains optimal amounts of amino acids, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9, E, H, PP) and carbohydrates. Rice is a great source of minerals (it contains zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, calcium, potassium, iodine, iron).

by mucous substances, this product creates in the stomach with a protective film, therefore, eat nutritious cereal can even those who have stomach problems (gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, etc.). Unloading involving rice improves skin, normalizes the work of liver, bladder and other internal organs, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Key recommendations

Fasting day on rice, it is possible to arrange times a week. In addition to the rice, the menu can include other products (milk, vegetables, fruits), it is important to follow the recommendations. You must also maintain fluid balance – during the day you should drink not less than 1.5-2 liters of still water. Also you are welcomed with herbal infusions and green teas.

After a fasting day is not it is recommended to go to the usual diet – nutritionists offer 1 or 2 days to devote to the vegetable-dairy diet (staunch meat eaters can include in your menu lean meat, boiled).

How to cook rice for relief?

ideally should be unloaded on brown rice, but in the absence of such product may use and polished cereals. 3-4 days before the expected discharge pour the rice with cold water (change it daily).

In the process of soaking the rice will lose the starch, and in addition, will increase its adsorption properties. Soaked rice (daily allowance this product is 100 g) cook in unsalted water. The oil and seasonings don't add.

Rules of carrying out the unloading of the rice porridge

a Portion of porridge divide into 3 parts and eat instead of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you can withstand hungry mode more than anything this day do not eat. Servings of porridge heated on a steam bath.

If you eat only one porridge you not, enrich the diet with greens (without limitation), as well as fruits and vegetables (100 g of both). To drink is green tea or herbal teas.

Rice and Apple a day for weight loss

throughout the day you should eat 3 servings of rice cereal and a few apples. You can drink water and fresh Apple juice.

Unloading the rice with milk

throughout the day you're supposed to eat 5 small portions of rice and drink 1.5 l of skim milk (300 ml each portion of porridge).

Rice, sesame seeds and brown for weight loss

Soak and cook a Cup of rice. Salt and oil do not use, season the porridge a tablespoon of sesame seeds and a small amount of turmeric.

Divide the porridge into 3 portions and eat. Drink throughout the day, unsweetened green or herbal tea, and sparkling water.

Rice-compote day

This option is the discharge prescribed for liver disease and hypertension. It will cook without adding salt 50 grams of rice. Prepare a compote of fresh fruit or dried fruits and 120 grams of sugar (daily allowance of fresh fruit — 1.5 kg, and the dry — 240 g). 6 times a day drink a glass of juice twice a day Supplement it with a serving of rice porridge.


Offloading on rice should not be carried out with colic and a tendency to constipation.


Rice fasting day to sustain easy – vegetable porridge spoils. This discharge may be the first stage of a long diet the body cleared, and at the same time prepare for further tests.