Diet Demole

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the Author of this diet – renowned Swiss nutritionist Dr. Demol won in Europe quite a lot of popularity. Diet Demole lasts for four days, although it can be followed longer (she offers a fairly balanced diet). The best time for a diet — season vegetables and fruits, i.e. summer and autumn.

Demola diet — sample menu for 1 day that is (any sequence and combination):

• 200-300 g of lean meat (boiled or stewed) or fish;
• 2 eggs
• 2 cups skimmed milk;
• 50 grams of low fat cottage cheese;
• 50 g sugar;
• 100-150 grams of bread flour;
• 100 grams of potato or pastry dishes.
• 50 grams of oil;
• any number of vegetables (low starch content) and vegetables.

Food rules

• it is better to Eat often, but gradually.
• Any of the foods you can not eat if they do not suit you.
• During a diet Dr. Demola preferably eliminate alcohol, drink only water and fresh juices. Those who refuse alcohol can not allowed sometimes permitted to change the portion of sugar 1-2 glasses of dry wine.