Diet for gastric erosion
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Gastric environment is very aggressive – failure of the body leads to the violation of the protection mechanisms and contribute to the development of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. What are the limitations imposed diet for gastric erosion? Than the cost to eat in the presence of this disease?
Diet for gastritis and pancreatitis
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Diet thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities
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Diet thrombophlebitis primarily cleanses the body and promotes weight loss – it helps reduce the load on the legs and alleviate the symptoms of the disease. The treatment is to be implemented in strict accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.
Diet for reflux esophagitis
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Diet for angina
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Angina is a common disease, which is a form of coronary heart disease (CHD). The main symptom of pathology is "squeezing" pain in the heart or behind the breastbone, which is observed on the background of a temporary mismatch between the needs of the heart muscle and blood flow. One of the important stages of treatment is diet changes – diet angina imposes certain limitations.
Diet for biliary dyskinesia
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biliary Dyskinesia is characterized by dysmotility of the biliary ducts and gall bladder in the background of this pathology develops the stagnation of bile. Diet for biliary dyskinesia facilitates the condition of patients.
Diet pancreatic necrosis
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Lacto-vegetarian diet
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Plant foods and dairy products is the basis of many diets. Each of these products is beneficial, so lacto-vegetarian diet enjoys a high degree of popularity. We offer you several variants of this technique of weight loss and health improvement.
Diet for atrophic gastritis
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Diet for eczema
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Diet for uterine fibroids
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Leiomyoma, fibromyoma or uterine fibroids — benign tumor that develops in the muscular layer of this body (myometrium). What should be the diet for uterine fibroids? What food should give preference, and what should be abandoned?
Diet for GERD
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Diet for mastitis
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How justified diet for fibrocystic breast? Based on the observations of doctors, change of diet in this disease is really necessary – correct the diet by 30-50% increases the effectiveness of the therapy.
Diet on cereals
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Diet "Yogurt and cucumber"
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Diet after intestinal infection
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Diet after intestinal infections in adults – what are the foods and dishes it is based? We offer to your attention the detailed recommendations.
Diet for acne on face
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the Beauty of our skin directly depends on what we eat. This means that just be adjusted to the diet you can achieve a significant improvement in her condition. The best part is that hardship diet for acne face in our life brings the food must remain complete and balanced. To clean the skin and prevent problems in the future by adhering to simple guidelines. What we give in our article.
Diet in Crohn's disease
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Crohn's Disease is a chronic bowel disease to get rid of that, unfortunately, impossible. Diet in Crohn's disease, supplemented by therapeutic measures will reduce the severity of symptoms.
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