Low calorie diet

Diet a Simeon with Anat stern
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a British doctor Simeon in the last century helped the Roman moneybags to drop weight. Thanks to fans, this name is not forgotten. As a professional consultant for weight loss, Anat helps people to understand all the intricacies of the original weight loss methods. Today, the diet of Simeon with Anat stern has conquered the Internet.
Diet for cleansing the body
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Diet for sedentary workers
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Diet Elena Anisimova
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Diet Dr. Brusnikina
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Diet doctor Brusnikina causes an active interest. Unfortunately, detailed guidelines of this technique of weight loss is available only to those who decided to pay them a certain amount of money.
Anti-aging diet
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Diet for children 12 years
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Diet Anna Seiler-House
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at the hospital In Bern to a complex diet, which was developed by dietitian Anna Seiler-house. The complex is composed of three diets that contain different amounts of calories. You can pick up the most suitable for you, one of the options of this diet, because they are designed for 1500, 1200 and 1000 calories.
Diet targeting anorexics
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Anorexia nervosa – a life-threatening condition that involves the almost complete rejection of food. It is easy to understand that a diet targeting anorexics have extremely low calorie content. Any of the proposed options should not be used without checking with your doctor.
Diet one plate
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"a dish" method of weight loss is interesting because it allows you to lose weight by eating is quite diverse. What is the diet one plate, if it helps correct the shape?
Fractional diet
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Anti-cellulite diet
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Diet Of Aphrodite
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This method of weight loss has several variants. Diet of Aphrodite can be devoted to seafood and goat cheese (promote second technique contributed to the notorious Anastasia Stotskaya).
Buckwheat-kefir diet
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Diet "1000 calories a day"
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Diet 1000 calories a day is quite a controversial method of losing weight. Many nutritionists believe that long-term fasting only contributes to the appearance of excess weight. This paradox is explained very simply – hungry days cause the body at the first opportunity to make up the loss, but at the same time and to acquire reserves for a "rainy day". So, do not forget about the rules of the diet – caloric intake should be increased gradually, indulging in fatty foods, sweets and confectionery.
Diet Sergei Agapkina
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Diet Beauty
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Among the many diets offered to us on the Internet, this stands out, which helps make skin color more healthy. In addition to the fact that its main function weight loss, it also performs brilliantly. All this happens because the diet – porridge.for one or two weeks you can combine various vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and cereals. The results of such power will not go unnoticed, and after a few days, you'll feel less irritable, energetic and in good spirits.
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