Low calorie diet

Diet "Green peas"
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Pasta diet
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the Pasta diet and weight loss – how these concepts fit together? According to nutritionists, the "correct" pasta can be used as a dietary product.
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Diet "of 10 kg in a week"
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Diet "5 tablespoons"
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A colorful diet
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Beet-carrot diet
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Diet after the holidays
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Diet, after which the weight does not return
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is There a diet, after which the weight does not return? This question is of interest to all those whose attempts to lose weight over and over again to fail. We offer to your attention useful information concerning the relevant topics.
Diet on baby food
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the Authorship of this technique of weight loss is attributed to French fashion designer Edie Slimane for the, and fitness trainer Tracy Anderson. However, diet on baby food has several variants, so both statements have the right to life.
Diet yogis (raw food diet)
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Molokotina diet
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Berlin diet
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The beer diet
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Salt-free diet
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Diet doctor Uglova
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isn't that the man who lived to a very venerable years in sound mind and perfect physical form, deserves respect? More than 2 years ago died a distinguished surgeon and author of many books Dr. Angles. He managed to live to 103 years, focusing on several important rules, one of which is a balanced diet.
The diet "roller coaster"
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Diet roller-coaster was created by psychologist Martin Rolled. The author argues that the efficiency of this method was confirmed to them in practice, low-calorie eating plan helped him to lose 31 lbs. On the recommendations of this diet read in our article.
The Soviet diet
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