Low calorie diet

Caldereta diet
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Awesome diet
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Diet ABC
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There are weight loss methods that are similar in name, but which is based on completely different principles of nutrition. In our article diet abs are presented in 2 variants.
The Mayo clinic diet
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Diet on tomato juice
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Tomato juice is able to regulate the metabolism in the body, so it is actively used in the fight against obesity and consequences of obesity. In tomato juice contains vitamins b, C, and also nutrients — potassium, magnesium and calcium.Diet tomato juice does not require prior training, and be transported effortlessly.the Diet lasts for 14 days.Choose to store only high-quality 100% tomato juice, preferably domestic production.
Brazilian diet
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the Brazilian diet promises quick results, but to sustain it is not so simple. Hungry mode often causes breakdowns – you get the job done, just having a strong will.
Diet on charcoal catalyst
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The protein Atkins diet
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Vladimir Mirkin – therapist and nutritionist, and the Creator of the author's method of correction and rejuvenation. What is a protein Atkins diet, what are the advantages over other techniques does she have?
Twelve days diet
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Twelve days diet is better tolerated during the autumn-winter period. In fact, it consists of 12 hard days of discharge. Not recommending to apply this diet to people who have health problems. It is possible to lose 8-10 kg of excess weight if you adhere strictly to the menu.
Peach diet — and tasty, and useful!
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a Number of diets provides meals in accordance with the biological rhythms of the human body. In our article chronodiet is available in several versions.
The French diet
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the French diet – the mere name reminds us of the ephemeral harmony of a true French woman, rumored to be spending most of his adult life on diets. In fact things were not quite so French women also pay tribute to the delicious food, but don't forget to stop and never eat at night. Given the active way of life, inherent in this nation, it is no wonder the harmony of the forms of the inhabitants of France. This paper proposes a method of weight loss can not fully be called French, but this does not detract from its popularity.
Diet "Flat tummy"
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Such a diet for people who want to lose excess weight in the abdomen, and make it smooth and flat. You can stick to this diet as long as you wish, but to return to the traditional way of power try to eliminate from the diet foods that promote fat storage in the abdominal area, namely white bread, sweets, cakes.it is Necessary to minimize the consumption of salt. Eat regularly and often, but small portions. Enrich your diet with oranges, grapefruits, lemons and watercress salad, food that promotes fat burning. Try to avoid coffee or at least drink it less often. Do not forget to drink a lot of fluid.
Australian diet
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a Professional nutritionist from Australia Dr. Marusek has developed a balanced, but very low-calorie diet. It was her and was given a loud title – the Australian diet. However, there is another method of weight loss that bears the same name. For the sake of justice we will describe in our article each of the options.
The Estonian diet
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Monthly diet
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Monthly diet – this has been proven and certainly efficient way to get rid of excess weight. We want to offer you two options this technique of losing weight – each of these diets for only 4 weeks "melt" 10-15 kg of adipose tissue.
Medical diet for weight loss
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Medical diet for weight loss hard diet plan to quickly lose a large excess weight. Such a diet is recommended too fat before the surgical intervention.
The diet of astronauts
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the Diet of astronauts is one of the most hard, long, but effective diets. To adhere to this method of weight loss can only be one who has truly a "cosmic" health.
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