Low calorie diet

Australian diet
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a Professional nutritionist from Australia Dr. Marusek has developed a balanced, but very low-calorie diet. It was her and was given a loud title – the Australian diet. However, there is another method of weight loss that bears the same name. For the sake of justice we will describe in our article each of the options.
Chemical diet
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Grain diet (sandwich)
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Indian vegetarian diet
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This vegetarian diet adheres to most of the population of India. And now, based on the experience of Indians, vegetarian food is gaining more fans among Americans and Europeans. Statistics impartially argues that the example of the Indians is now more than 1 million Europeans refuse to eat meat.
Diet for press
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Experts say that to get rid of the build up of fat in the abdominal area is very difficult and indeed it is. This is especially true for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which nature has awarded these "supplies" in the name of the main purpose of the female body – the gestation of a new life. You can learn what diet for abs will help to solve the annoying problem.
The Czechoslovak diet
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Diet in chicken broth
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Honey diet for weight loss
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Diet hemocode
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Diet hemocode is an active interest for people who want a guaranteed to lose weight. So effective is this method of weight loss? This will tell you our article.
Diet for stomach and sides
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Diet after the New year
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Radical diet
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Striped kefir diet
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Striving for the ideal of harmony, the women tested for yourself the effectiveness of many different diets. And more and more fans gets a striped kefir diet, providing a minimum of restrictions.a diet with this diet is built in the form of alternating unloading "kefir" days with the days of conventional food. Depending on the results that must be achieved, the duration of the diet and allowed to set free days, products may vary. It would be better if before the diet you consult with a specialist, as any sudden change in diet can have a negative impact on the body.
Orange diet for 4 weeks
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