Diet "Rice, chicken, apples"
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Monodiet for 10 days
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The most rigid and effective diet
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the Most rigid and effective diet can hardly be considered a smart choice. Rapidly losing weight, you risk to quickly regain lost pounds. If that doesn't scare you, offer the following recommendations for food.
Diet 3-on-3
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Diet "3 on 3" is designed for 10 days, the first day of cleansing: it is possible to drink a kefir, the amount is not restricted, other — 3 mono for 3 days. Weight loss: 4-8 lbs. a Contraindication to the diet are gastritis and stomach ulcers.
Kefir-Apple diet
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What mono-diet?
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Kefir diet 3-3-3
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Probiotics included part healthy drink, normalizes microflora of intestines, improves a chair, a beneficial effect on metabolism. Yogurt is used in diets aimed at weight loss, and normalization of the body in a number of diseases. It is recommended to use in diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract (with low acidity), as well as tuberculosis, insomnia, chronic fatigue, lowered immunity.Fermented drink is a great alternative to cow's milk (with lactose intolerance, it becomes a source of milk protein). Low-calorie product is especially useful for obesity – it not only speeds up the metabolism, but also helps to eliminate toxins resulting from the burning of fatty tissue. Interesting feature: one-day yogurt provides a laxative effect, and a three-day, on the contrary, attaches (it is recommended to select the best option for themselves). Based on the above properties of yogurt, you can safely say – from time to time of kefir diet stick can and should (unless contraindicated).
Winter diet
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In the autumn-winter period, the probability of deposits of subcutaneous fat layer, leading to increase in weight by a few pounds. To avoid this and enrich your body with essential vitamins, there are so-called winter diet. It can help to maintain a slim figure and eat a healthy diet, but you shouldn't hope that weight will leave in a short time.
Diet for 10 days
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Diet for 10 days makes it possible to adjust the shape in advance of holidays or important events. Remember that any "fast" method of weight loss does not affect the basic fat accumulation and removes the volume mainly due to the interstitial fluid. We offer to your attention a couple of options for a ten-day diet.
Pea diet
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Pumpkin diet
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Date diet
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