Fast diet

Lacto-vegetarian diet
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Plant foods and dairy products is the basis of many diets. Each of these products is beneficial, so lacto-vegetarian diet enjoys a high degree of popularity. We offer you several variants of this technique of weight loss and health improvement.
Diet on cereals
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Diet "Yogurt and cucumber"
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Diet Ani Lorak
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Diet "5 kg in a week"
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Diet Dr. Horvath
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This diet developed by the dietitian D. Horvath. A fairly stable result is achieved due to the fact that the extra pounds are lost gradually, the diet is quite balanced. The duration of this diet is 1 week, but during that time you can lose from 3 to 5 kg of excess weight.Recommended products: lean meat and meat products (ham, sausage); lean fish; low-fat milk and milk products; vegetables and fruits; eggs; crackers; tea, coffee, fruit juices, mineral water; xylitol or other similar sugar substitutes.
Diet Yulia Vysotskaya
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Smetana diet
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Green diet
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Diet from Alsu
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Diet "8 bricks"
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Diet Peta Wilson
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Diet "Anorexic nymph"
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Magic diet
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The fast diet "1 week 5 kg"
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Fast diet 1 week 5 kg will be of interest to those who wish to approach the ideal in the shortest possible time. On the way to perfection you can use any of the following menu options.
Buckwheat diet for 7 days
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Starvation diet
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If the digestive system is contaminated with toxins, that have serious problems. Starvation diet helps to cleanse the body, additionally, it is often used for rapid weight loss. There are different versions of this diet with them, we have and will introduce.
Diet Green tea
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