Fast diet

Diet Green tea
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Diet Joan Lunden
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Joan Lunden, a popular American actress and TV presenter, thanks to this diet managed to lose weight from 86 to 57 kgs at growth of 170 centimeters. Fruit, according to her are the perfect companions in the fight against obesity. If you will seriously absorption fruit, just a week can burn up to 5.5 pounds — she says. And the best way to enjoy them is to create a Grand salad, put in fridge and it will consume it.Lunden is recommended to use fruits that are faster "burn" those extra fats: apples, kiwi, citrus fruits.three days
Diet Swiss doctors
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we Offer you three types of diets recommended by the Swiss dietitians. Recommended diet is fairly balanced and designed for 7 days. Stick to each of them no more than once a month.
Cucumber-kefir diet
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Diet "The Traffic Light"
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Diet Traffic light offers the ability to have a balanced diet. This distinguishes this technique from other weight loss diets.
Citrus diet
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Tangerine diet
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Diet green tea
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Graceful diet
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This diet allows to lose in one week from two to four pounds. Its advantage is that the diet are affordable products: vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. The only thing graceful diet is not suitable too running, as the menu is painted on the clock. We can say that this diet is for Housewives. The diet should exclude sugar, potatoes, carrots, beets and beans. Dairy products need to use low fat. In salads, use the sauce: teaspoonful of olive oil mixed with juice of one lemon. Water on this diet, drink at least 2 liters a day, better if it is mineral water, herbal teas, fruit compote of dried apricots, rose hips broth or green tea.
Lifting diet
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Diet on oatmeal and yogurt
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Diet Demole
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the Author of this diet – renowned Swiss nutritionist Dr. Demol won in Europe quite a lot of popularity. Diet Demole lasts for four days, although it can be followed longer (she offers a fairly balanced diet). The best time for a diet — season vegetables and fruits, i.e. summer and autumn.
Diet Claudia Schiffer
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Diet Saykova
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Onion diet
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Diet yogurt and fruit
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Diet Of Alicia Silverstone
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Famous actress Alicia Silverstone has a strict vegetarian diet, a diet that includes: vegetables, fruit, whole grains, soy products.
Diet soiled
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to those who remember with horror their children's suffering over a bowl of semolina, this diet for weight loss is absolutely contraindicated (and for those who suffer from allergies to any of the ingredients of the diet). The rest of the categories of people it is suitable unconditionally. Diet soiled will not harm a cranky stomach and won't make to faint from the slightest effort. Let's find out what it is.
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