Protein diet

Diet Osama Hamdy
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Diet figure skaters
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a Career in figure skating and weight – the concepts are completely incompatible. However, the sport forces you to spend a huge amount of energy, so the nutrition of athletes should stay balanced and full. So what is the notorious diet of skaters and does it exist in reality? You can learn the answer to this interesting question.
Diet for hypothyroidism the thyroid gland
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Diet Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman – popular actress, who has a chiseled figure and perfect appearance. Diet Nicole Kidman enjoys high popularity – she helped our heroine to recover form after a long-awaited pregnancy (during the pregnancy, Nicole has gained 10 kg weight loss).
Diet Maggi
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Egg diet for 7 days
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Diet Threw
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Diet Larisa Guzeeva
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Larisa Guzeeva is a popular actress and TV presenter. Last year she said about his desire to lose weight and participated in the project "lose Weight with StarHit". Did our heroine to keep the promise and is there a diet Larisa Guzeeva?
Diet Of Tina Kandelaki
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Diet for liver disease
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Diet Marlene Dietrich
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Diet American astronauts Leo Bokeria
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Diet Edith Piaf
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Edith Piaf (Edith Giovanna Gassion) died in 1963, but still her songs are admirable. Diet Edith Piaf continues to interest fans of the artist – what steps allowed famous the French to stay in shape?it is believed that to maintain the form of Edith Piaf twice a year resorted to one of the variations of the French diet. The duration it takes only 2 weeks. On the diet to exclude sugar, salt, alcohol, flour products (including bread).As rapid weight loss can cause some sagging of the body during the diet should pay attention to physical exercise. Exercise should not be exhausting — it is only important to maintain optimal muscle tone.
The most effective diet in the world
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Three weeks of protein-carbohydrate diet
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the Essence of such protein-carbohydrate diet is simple: the 1st day of protein-carbohydrate, then the alternation of 2 days on protein one carbohydrate. Protein days, the body will burn the unnecessary fat and amount of carbohydrates will not exceed the required body normal.the Duration of the diet: 21 days. During this period, you will get rid from 3-5 kg of excess weight that will not come back. Do not worry if weight during carbohydrate days will increase, it is quickly go away during protein days.
Diet Anastasiya Zharinova
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Dreaming about a breathtaking career in the modeling business, the heroine of this article has managed in 3 weeks to lose 14 pounds overweight. Diet Anastasiya Zharinova is based on only 5 products. Wanting to repeat the feat of beauty, pay attention to the menu below.Anastasiya Zharinova always dreamed of becoming a model. Unfortunately, early motherhood provided an unpleasant "side effect" — the figure of a girl lost harmony.the Bright appearance of our heroine did not go unnoticed at the auditions it was identified, but it is suggested to lose appreciable excess weight. Having collected will in a fist, she decided to follow the recommendations of experts. It reviewed not only the diet, but the mode of food intake. Future contestant on "Top model in Russian" has refused from sweet, flour products and late meals.
Diet "Three fists"
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Want to lose weight, but the thought of the upcoming counting calories, and at the same time serious limitations in food cancels this natural desire? We suggest you take the advice of the doctor-the therapist and the nutritionist Oleg Turn. His diet is Three fists is sure to help you reach your goal (this power system is truly universal — it will allow how to get rid of extra pounds, and score missing).
Keto diet
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the Keto diet is based on significant cuts in the proportion of carbohydrates. It is the lack of our main "fuel" in the body starts burning mechanism of fat.
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