Diet of the stars

Diet Lindsay Lohan
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Diet Christina Aguilera
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Slim shape Christina Aguilera, not undergone visible changes even after the birth of children cause lasting and justified envy. Indeed, how not to envy the person who is not experiencing difficulties with maintaining your weight? In fact, even this graceful star of stage from time to time resorted to the diet.
The Diet Of Julia Roberts
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the author of the diet believes that the secret of beauty, elasticity of the skin and minimum wrinkles is salmon. This fish should be consumed for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those who want also to lose weight should give up sugar and fat.
Diet Of Yana Rudkovskaya
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Diet Of Jerry Halliwell
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Diet Anfisa Chekhova
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Diet Eva Mendes
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Eva Mendes made the right decision, throwing training at the University and preferring acting career. Today it is known and in demand, and therefore, can choose only the most worthy of the role. Like many celebrities, the heroine of our article is concerned with own appearance – diet Eva Mendes is on the minds of fans of this beautiful woman. Well, what it is, you will learn from our today's article.
Diet "5 factors" Harley Pasternak
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truly effective weight loss system can only be considered a proper combination of diet and sports. This principle supports diet "5 factors" Harley Pasternak – it helps to visibly improve the shape and allows you to save for a long time the result.
Diet Of Galina Vishnevskaya
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Diet, Hilary Duff
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Actress and singer Hilary Duff is the true idol of teenage girls. Not so long ago she had a rather curvaceous, but today suddenly became the prototype of the world famous Barbie doll. What diet Hilary Duff helped her to get rid of 14 kg of excess weight? This you will learn after reading this article.
Diet Ksenia Borodina
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Ksenia Borodina (one of the leading project "Dom-2") always in sight, so the extra pounds she did not need it. After birth a weight problem worsened, so Ksenia had some time to adhere to a fairly rigid method of weight loss. Diet Ksenia Borodina was very successful and 12 kg of excess weight "went" fast enough.
Diet Cornelia Mango
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One of the most colorful participants of "star Factory–7" is considered Cornelia Mango. This girl always stood out from the rest, not only the original voice and the special "Sunny" character, but some splendor of forms. Today, our heroine has significantly reduced its weight. What was the reason and what diet is Cornelia Mango has achieved such a tangible result (the girl managed to get rid of 20 kg excess weight) – this is the subject of our today's article.
Tangerine diet of Philip Kirkorov
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One of the most prominent and controversial members of the national musical Olympus – Philip, trying to keep your weight within normal limits. This helps him a varied diet and sometimes of the notorious fen-phen. One of his favorite methods of weight loss (assuming a protein-based diet) have you already read our article – "Diet Victoria Boni" (stick to it and also many of the "colleagues" Kirkorov). However, there is another diet Kirkorov, which is based on the consumption of tangerines – it is there that we stay in our current narrative.
Diet Valerie
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