Medical diet

Diet for prostate adenoma
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BPH — benign tumor of glandular epithelium. The pathology mainly affects men over the threshold of middle age and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Diet for prostate adenoma enhances the efficiency of medical measures prescribed by a doctor.
Diet in rheumatoid arthritis joints
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Diet in rheumatoid arthritis joints is intended to normalize metabolism and neutralize an inflammatory process. On rules of drawing up of the diet and we invite you to learn.
Diet for colitis of the bowel with diarrhea
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Colitis – pathology, characterized by significant discomfort (pain, constipation, diarrhoea). To alleviate manifestations of this disease helps medical eating plan. Today we will tell you what should be the diet for colitis of the bowel with diarrhoea.
Diet for dermatitis
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Dermatitis (skin disease) can be caused by different factors, both external and internal. Each of its varieties requires certain changes in the diet. What should be the diet for dermatitis? This topical issue is devoted to our article.
Diet in atherosclerosis
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Diet after poisoning
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Diet for kidney sand
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Diet for kidney stones
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Diet for psoriasis
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Diet for migraine
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Diet for endometriosis
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Diet ADO
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Andrei Dmitrievich ADO — honored worker of science, Professor and doctor of medical Sciences. In Soviet times, he distinguished himself in the field of pathological physiology, Allergology and immunology. Diet ADO helps to neutralize the allergic symptoms and reduce the risk of their occurrence in the future.
Kefir diet for gastritis and gastric ulcer
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If you have a severe complication after gastritno or ulcerative diseases of the stomach, it from dairy products you can only easy milk. When you have recovered or almost recovered, you will be very useful to use not only milk, but the yogurt here only it is necessary to take only not greasy and sour.
Diet 4A
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the fermentation Processes in the intestine creates a lot of problems. To solve them allows diet 4A at Pevsner.
Diet in acute pancreatitis
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As practice shows, only one medical treatment often cannot alleviate the patient's condition. Diet in acute pancreatitis creates prerequisites for the reduction of the inflammatory process affecting the pancreas.
Diet for type 2 diabetes
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diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disease. Based on what diet for type 2 diabetes? How to make diet, what products I should avoid?
Diet for high blood sugar
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Salt-free diet of Wellness Gerson
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Many of the modern diets were designed by professional doctors, who were trying to bring under it scientific base. There is even the term "diet", i.e. "health food". It is often the key to successful treatment and General health improvement.In this article we will look at the diet of the German doctor max Gerson, which is key to the health of a person is considered a salt.... He believed that human health is directly dependent on how and in what quantity he uses this product. He developed the theory that salt is an activator or catalyst of many diseases. His method of healing he experienced on himself, getting rid of chronic migraine.
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