Medical diet

Diet 15 table
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Cholesterol-lowering diet
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Diet No. 0
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This medical table assumes the most severe restrictions – diet 0 is used for the rehabilitation of patients after surgery (in particular, on the organs of digestion). The nutrition plan has 3 options – 0A, 0б and 0V. They are used consistently.
Diet after a kidney removal
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If it becomes necessary to remove one kidney, the remaining organ assumes a double burden. Diet after a kidney removal is designed to facilitate the work of the urinary system and speed up the recovery process.
Kefir diet for constipation
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Delayed bowel movement is a common disorder of the body. First aid – apply natural laxatives. A diet based on the yogurt a day exposure will really help to resolve this issue.
Diet after operations on the intestine
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Diet for tachycardia
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Tachycardia is characterized by the acceleration of the rhythm of heart contractions that occur due to a number of reasons. Diet for tachycardia creates conditions for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
Liver diet
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Liver diet helps cleanse the main filter of the body. The following nutrition plan to some extent, enhances the intestinal function, so its use is only in the absence of the tendency to diarrhea.
Diet for cholelithiasis
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Gallstone disease (abbreviated to GSD) is characterized by formation of stones in the bile ducts and gall bladder. Over time, this leads to the development of cholecystitis. Without observance of rules of power with the problem is impossible to cure – diet for gall stones is one of the main methods of treatment.
Diet ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer
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Diet during rotavirus infection in children
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Gastro or the stomach flu (rotavirus infection, rotavirus gastroenteritis) – an acute intestinal infection caused by the human rotavirus. That is a diet during rotavirus infection in children, will tell our article.
Diet for multiple sclerosis
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Diet for salmonellosis
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Diet 2 table
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Diet 2 (table 2) and medical nutrition plan, developed by M. I. Pevzner. The diet prescribed for acute and chronic enteritis, gastritis, colitis.
Diet with high acidity of the stomach
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Diet for erosive gastritis
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Diet 5P
274 -
in chronic pancreatitis in the stage of recovery (outside of an exacerbation or after it) is assigned to the 5P diet. How does this meal plan?
Diet for cholecystitis
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Cholecystitis is a very common disease accompanied by inflammation of the gallbladder. Diet for cholecystitis depends on the phase and severity of the process.
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