Fasting days

Rice fasting day
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Fasting day for watermelon
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Fasting day for cheese
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Fasting day on whey
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What is whey? It is frequently used at all times dairy product. This serum appears in the process of souring milk. Its main distinguishing feature – a very low energy value without loss, of course, the most useful properties of milk.take a Look at its structure: it contains all the B vitamins, which are very important for the body seeking to improve their health and get rid of extra pounds without harm to themselves. Also, this product contains enough protein and calcium. And all this – absolutely no fat. In addition, the serum due to high concentration of milk sugars, coupled with lactic acid, very effectively removes a variety of toxins and improves metabolic processes.If you are planning to arrange a fasting day with the use of this useful product, you should, in addition to the natural whey, consume and also the drinks made from it. In total for a fasting day should be consumed about one and a half liters of various beverages, including whey. Not superfluous will also be additional vitamins – it is easy to ensure by adding a few vegetables or dried fruit.
Fasting day on chicken breast
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Fasting day on oatmeal
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Fasting day on cucumbers
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Protein fasting day
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Lemon-honey detox day
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Fasting day on kefir
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Fasting day on apples
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Fasting day on tea
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Cabbage fasting day
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Fasting days on the cabbage, are recommended for many diseases. For example, cabbage-meat day appointed in atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity; cabbage-Apple — hypertension, heart disease and blood vessels, obesity, diabetes; cabbage-fish — obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes; cabbage — hypertension, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis.
On the fasting day molokochae
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Fasting day on yogurt and cottage cheese
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Apple fasting day
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Fasting days for pregnant women
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Fasting diet
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Buckwheat, a very valuable product due to the balanced composition perfectly nourishes and permanently eliminates the feeling of hunger. By entering in the weekly meal plan fasting diet, you will never regret the decision.
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