Low-fat diet

Besliste diet Arnold Area
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Diet "80-10-10"
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Diet Kim Protasov
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Diet "Minus pound"
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Hypocaloric diet
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Diet for thighs and buttocks
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Diet for buttocks and thighs was developed in 1988. This technique of correction were delighted with the resident of UK and over time, it has gained wide popularity in other countries of the world. The book rosemary Conley on this diet reveals all the secrets of the correction of the most problematic areas of the female body.
Tea diet
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Skinny diet
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As the name implies, the skinny diet not pleased with a variety of products, but it gives the ability to quickly adjust the shape. What is the methodology, how secure it is?
Mosfilmovskaya diet
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Dieta Montignac
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Diet Institute of nutrition, Academy of medical Sciences of Russia
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the Institute of nutrition, Academy of medical Sciences of the Russian Federation (when he was in the USSR) suggested a diet that reduces caloric intake by limiting or even eliminating all kinds of uglevodosoderzhaschie products. Refined sugar, bread and flour products, potatoes. Meat, fish and dairy products are preferred with a small percentage of fat, because the total amount of fat is limited and the main condition that at least half of the total amount will be vegetable fats.Not limited vegetables, no fruit, not containing starch, such as cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, berries and greens can fill a significant part of the diet. One and a half litres will be enough, here the calculations are done and the liquid that is contained in foods: vegetables and fruits it is about 80-90%, in meat and fish — 70-80%, in bread and flour products — 30-40%.Salt is about 5 g per day (about 1 teaspoon). Add salt to cooked food.meals are divided into 5-6 parts, and accepted food at the same time.the Developers of this diet claim that if strictly to observe, throughout 3 weeks to lose about 8-10 pounds. People with high weight who are just starting to lose weight, this diet would be very useful.
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Diet "Ginger lemon"
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A vegetarian diet
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currently increasing numbers of people tends to limit the consumption of animal food. A vegetarian diet not only cleanses our body it also allows you to adjust the shape.
Diet for cleaning the liver
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the Liver performs the most important function of cleansing the blood from harmful elements, and therefore periodically needs our attention. Diet to cleanse the liver is based on wholesome food and requires the exclusion of some products.
Diet Dr. Ornish
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Stone age diet
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Today, more and more popular and more fashionable is the return to a healthy and natural way of life, to nature, to basics. And, of course, the fashion is concerned and diet. One of these modern diets, which received the significant name — stone age diet presented in this article.the meaning of the diet of the stone age its name implies. You can even eat only those foods that nourished our ancestors, in those days out hunting for food and gathering and began only to master the husbandry and agriculture.This diet totally contradicts many basic principles of modern dietetics. It is believed that weight gain and weight loss are not directly dependent on the number of calories consumed, ie no need to constantly count calories. Just the Foundation of your meals should make a natural and organic foods, eat less fats and sugars.in the diet of the stone age you want to eliminate sugar in its pure form, simple carbohydrates and vegetable fats, contained in foods such as pasta, white bread and most prepared cereals. Not allowed to eat processed food and processed foods as they all contain virtually prohibited for this diet components, all the products you need to buy raw and cook yourself.the Consumption of large quantities of fiber should form the basis of nutrition. Recommended raw vegetables, fruits, legumes, green vegetables, grains, roots and herbs. Eggs, fish and meat you can eat, but in small quantities. Such a diet allows, not wasting energy, gradually lose weight.
Dietary fiber
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