Low-fat diet

Diet Institute of nutrition, Academy of medical Sciences of Russia
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the Institute of nutrition, Academy of medical Sciences of the Russian Federation (when he was in the USSR) suggested a diet that reduces caloric intake by limiting or even eliminating all kinds of uglevodosoderzhaschie products. Refined sugar, bread and flour products, potatoes. Meat, fish and dairy products are preferred with a small percentage of fat, because the total amount of fat is limited and the main condition that at least half of the total amount will be vegetable fats.Not limited vegetables, no fruit, not containing starch, such as cucumbers, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, berries and greens can fill a significant part of the diet. One and a half litres will be enough, here the calculations are done and the liquid that is contained in foods: vegetables and fruits it is about 80-90%, in meat and fish — 70-80%, in bread and flour products — 30-40%.Salt is about 5 g per day (about 1 teaspoon). Add salt to cooked food.meals are divided into 5-6 parts, and accepted food at the same time.the Developers of this diet claim that if strictly to observe, throughout 3 weeks to lose about 8-10 pounds. People with high weight who are just starting to lose weight, this diet would be very useful.
Diet Kim Protasov
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Diet South beach
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Dietary fiber
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Diet for sides
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Fat at the waist and sides look more than ugly. And that's not to mention the problems that they inflict, causing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and even tumors. Internal fat impairs the normal functioning of the organs, its presence only makes sense if a woman is planning to be a mother (adipose tissue is an additional means of protection of nascent life). Well, from unnecessary savings will help to rid the diet for the sides. About it will be discussed in our article.
Diet for waist
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Diet according zodiac signs
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As you know, the human body is influenced by many factors and the position of the stars also applies to them. What is the diet for zodiac signs, what advice she gives?
Diet "Dinner minus"
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Home diet
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Diet Meal
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The Mediterranean diet
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the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast differ enviable health. Doctors and nutritionists have found out that the reason for this "anomaly" is a specific nutrition plan, which traditionally adhere to the "natives". After a comprehensive study of this question there was such a thing as the Mediterranean diet. Its main recommendations and the subject of our article.
Diet for weight loss abdomen and hips
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