Diet Dr. Horvath
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This diet developed by the dietitian D. Horvath. A fairly stable result is achieved due to the fact that the extra pounds are lost gradually, the diet is quite balanced. The duration of this diet is 1 week, but during that time you can lose from 3 to 5 kg of excess weight.Recommended products: lean meat and meat products (ham, sausage); lean fish; low-fat milk and milk products; vegetables and fruits; eggs; crackers; tea, coffee, fruit juices, mineral water; xylitol or other similar sugar substitutes.
Diet in case of allergic dermatitis
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an Allergic reaction may occur in response to exposure to different factors. One of the fundamental aspects of treatment is diet changes. Diet in allergic dermatitis helps relieve acute symptoms and cleanse the skin from allergic rashes.
Diet for hypothyroidism the thyroid gland
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Diet after intestinal infection
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Diet after intestinal infections in adults – what are the foods and dishes it is based? We offer to your attention the detailed recommendations.
Diet Natalia Bechtereva
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Diet for atrophic gastritis
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Diet for varicose veins
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Diet for prostate adenoma
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BPH — benign tumor of glandular epithelium. The pathology mainly affects men over the threshold of middle age and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Diet for prostate adenoma enhances the efficiency of medical measures prescribed by a doctor.
Diet Pelagia
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Diet Yulia Vysotskaya
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Diet Maria Kiseleva
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Seeing lovely looking slender athlete Maria Kiselyov, it is impossible to assume that she was once the problem of excess weight. The athlete bravely talks about getting rid of the ten extra pounds. This became possible thanks to vegetable soup. Still, Maria Kiseleva, happy to talk about this amazing dish.
Diet in rheumatoid arthritis joints
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Diet in rheumatoid arthritis joints is intended to normalize metabolism and neutralize an inflammatory process. On rules of drawing up of the diet and we invite you to learn.
Diet Mila Gritsenko
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Diet for colitis of the bowel with diarrhea
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Colitis – pathology, characterized by significant discomfort (pain, constipation, diarrhoea). To alleviate manifestations of this disease helps medical eating plan. Today we will tell you what should be the diet for colitis of the bowel with diarrhoea.
Diet a Simeon with Anat stern
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a British doctor Simeon in the last century helped the Roman moneybags to drop weight. Thanks to fans, this name is not forgotten. As a professional consultant for weight loss, Anat helps people to understand all the intricacies of the original weight loss methods. Today, the diet of Simeon with Anat stern has conquered the Internet.
Diet for dermatitis
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Dermatitis (skin disease) can be caused by different factors, both external and internal. Each of its varieties requires certain changes in the diet. What should be the diet for dermatitis? This topical issue is devoted to our article.
Egg diet for 7 days
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Smetana diet
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